Milwaukee County Pictometry Imagery

The Pictometry Imagery applications allow users access to oblique (side-profile) images from several collection dates which span across the county. Additionally, partner organizations can gain access to extra tools which can be used to measure and analyze images.

Pictometry View Extension

Pictometry Online

Pictometry View

  • Pictometry View is an extension built into the MCLIO's Interactive Mapping Website, open to all users.
  • Click on the Navigate tab and choose the Launch Map tool; the Pictometry window will open at bottom.
  • Users with secured access will be able to use additional tools and function.




Pictometry Online

CONNECTExplorer (Login Required)

  • CONNECTExplorer is the primary stand-alone online application for accessing Pictometry images and tools. It is recommended for users who are not using extended workspace, annotation functionality, and for those using mobile devices. It is available only to partner organizations.
  • Request Access
  • Training Tools and Resources

Download ArcGIS Toolbar

Pictometry ArcGIS Toolbar

Pictometry Connect ArcGIS Toolbar (Login Required)


        Available Through Pictometry Downloads

        > You will be required to log in in order to use the toolbar. <



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