About the Land Information Office

The Milwaukee County Land Information Office (MCLIO) is organized within the County’s Department of Administrative Services – Division of Economic Development. The MCLIO provides several key services to state, federal, county and municipal government, citizens, and the geospatial professional community.  These services include:

  • Administration of the Milwaukee County Land Information Council Program
  • Maintenance of the MCLIO geospatial data portal, to make data easily accessible to the public
  • Coordination of county efforts with state, federal and local geospatial professional community
  • Development and maintenance of geospatial architecture (databases, servers) to provide robust mapping capabilities to county departments, municipalities and public-facing web services
  • Maintenance of basemap reference data including cadastral, topographic, planimetric and high-resolution imagery
  • Development of the application of Location Based Data and Technologies (LBDT) for use within county and local municipal government
  • Maintenance of the county’s street centerline and street address database(s)

MCLIO was created in 2005 and has become the de-facto county entity to manage countywide geospatial data and services, and to coordinate these activities with other organizations to provide efficient and effective means to access and administer the county’s geospatial data and services.


Our mission statement:

The mission of the Milwaukee County Land Information Office is to provide baseline Location Based Data and Technology (LBDT) services, and to foster opportunities to advance the use of this technology in government and the public service sector within Milwaukee County.


Contact us:

E-mail: MCLIOservices@milwaukeecountywi.gov
Phone: 414-278-3927
Mail: 633 W Wisconsin Ave. Suite 900 Milwaukee, WI 53203

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