Intellectual Wellness

When you engage in creative and stimulating mental activities that expand your knowledge and skills, you may also discover the potential for sharing your gifts with others.

Essentially, Intellectual Wellness is focused on learning.  But you don't have to sit in a classroom to learn new things.Any activity that helps you explore the world around you, learn more about yourself, or expands your mind in any way supports healthy intellectual wellness.  This can be accomplished in a number of ways.  Reading, learning new skills, watching science,news and learning programs on television, taking part in hobbies, being creative, and appreciating art are all ways to support your intellectual wellness.  In fact, whenever you’re learning something new about any of the other 8 dimensions of wellness, you’re supporting your intellectual wellness as well!

Click on the links below to see opportunities for learning, creating, and expanding your intellectual horizons

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee - Continuing  Education

Wisconsin Conservatory of Music

Milwaukee Recreation (Education/classes) 

Milwaukee Public Library (events and programs)

Milwaukee Public library catalog search

Milwaukee County Senior Centers

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