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Our Milwaukee County CBDP Team is proud to be named the 2017 Strategic Partner of the Year by The Business Council, MMAC



The Community Business Development Partners department (CBDP) is responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring and enforcing Milwaukee County's Targeted, Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Programs, in compliance with County Ordinances and Federal Regulations including the DOT WI Unified Certification Program agreements.  CBDP submits routine reports to the County Board, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) on the participation of DBEs in relation to County and Federal spend; establishes participation goals, where appropriate, on a contract-by-contract basis; certifies small businesses as DBEs and/or registers them as SBEs; monitors contracts for compliance with project specifications and applicable legislation, and enforces necessary remediation; actively promotes greater utilization of small businesses in total County spend; participates in small business development and technical assistance initiatives; administers a revolving loan account to provide short-term assistance to qualifying DBEs actively working on County contracts; and engages in numerous small business seminars on effective business operations and contracting practices, all of which assist in increasing the overall economic viability of targeted, small and disadvantaged businesses throughout Milwaukee County, and the region. 


Specific responsibilities include:


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Community Business Development Partners department (CBDP) is to increase the overall economic viability of small and disadvantaged businesses throughout Milwaukee County, and the region.


In order to accomplish this mission, CBDP staff is dedicated to:

  • establishing participation goals, where appropriate, to assist Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms in contracting with Milwaukee County as a prime, or sub, contractor, consultant or vendor;

  • certifying firms qualified to participate in the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program; 
  • monitoring, and enforcing, compliance of contracts with project specifications and County Ordinances; and
  • promoting business opportunities and capacity building measures to small businesses.



Rick Norris, P.E.  (414) 278-4608


Lamont Robinson (Procurement Compliance Manager)  (414) 278-4749

Brian Engel, P.E. (Construction Compliance Manager)  (414) 278-4803

Renee Shavers (Analysis & Strategy Manager) (414) 278-5104

Ruby Dent (Analysis & Strategy Analyst)  (414) 278-4613

Kevin Crampton (Construction Compliance Analyst) (414-278-7939





Community Business Development Partners

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