Avatar Transition

Avatar Transition Bulletin #3

Friday, November 7, 2014


Go-Live scheduled for February

Go-Live is now tentatively scheduled for February 2, 2015, following adjustments based on a number of factors. We are further development to be completed by Netsmart, and internal testing is scheduled to be completed in advance of the revised Go-Live date.


Training to begin in late December

Comprehensive training for providers is tentatively scheduled to begin during the week of December 22. The schedule is not yet confirmed, but you are asked to maintain some flexibility to accommodate scheduling once we are able to confirm. A definitive training schedule will be released in late November. Please note that the ongoing User Acceptance (UA) testing mentioned in previous bulletins is not to be confused with Avatar training. UA testing is simply an introduction – for a small, representative sample of users – to the Avatar platform and its basic functions. All providers will receive training on Avatar and ProviderConnect, regardless of their participation in UA testing.


User Acceptance testing groups

We have identified four groups for UA testing: CARS (internal); Access Points; Care Management; and Providers. Internal CARS staff have gone through UA testing this week (11/3 – 11/7). The remaining three groups are scheduled to go through testing as follows:

  • Access Points: 11/12 – 11/14
  • Care Managers: 11/19 – 11/21
  • Providers: 12/4 – 12/5

UA testing participants will receive (or have already received) invitations according to their group. Additional testing sessions will also be open on 11/24 and 11/25 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for anyone who is interested.


Super Users

Agencies participating in UA testing are asked to identify one or two staff members to serve as Super Users, or internal champions who are willing to provide guidance and support to their colleagues in the transition to Avatar and ProviderConnect. Super Users may also be identified in other agencies (i.e. those not involved in UA testing) when the Avatar transition enters the training phase in December.


Login information

BHD-CARS staff will contact agencies to verify their complete staff rosters in order to set up login credentials for access to Avatar and ProviderConnect. Please respond promptly and accurately to those information requests.




Avatar Transition Bulletin #2

Avatar Transition Bulletin #1

PC requirements for Avatar & Provider Connect


Contact Us

Please e-mail Chuck Sigurdson with any questions related to Avatar.


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♦ Training 12/22/14 (tent.)
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Frequently Asked Questions


If we've already submitted info for 2013 expenses related to Crisis, CSP, or TCM services, to we need to re-submit this info (per Bulletin #1)?
No. If you've already provided this info for 2013, we will access your previously submitted worksheet.
If we've expressed interest in providing CCS services, how should we complete the CCS worksheet (per Bulletin #1)?
Use the CCS worksheet to indicate the staff you plan to use to to deliver CCS services. You may use the same info from your Crisis, CSP, or TCM worksheets if these accurately reflect your anticipated costs for personnel providing CCS services. The info you provide will help us examine how provider costs align with interim rates.