Avatar Transition

Avatar Transition Bulletin #1

Monday, August 11, 2014


Background on Information Systems changes

Milwaukee County will soon move off of SCRIPTS, CMHC Mental Health, and CMHC WIser Choice. All reporting, service entry, and payments thereafter will be supported exclusively by Avatar — an enhanced electronic medical records system — which many providers will interact with through ProviderConnect. One key efficiency resulting from this transition will be a single record identifier per individual client within Avatar.


Information needed from CRS, CSP, CCS, Crisis, and TCM providers

Action required by Monday, August 18

As Milwaukee County continues its transition to Avatar — an enhanced electronic medical records system — the CARS Division and BHD Fiscal Department are collecting certain information from our network of providers. Please use the spreadsheets below to provide the required information. Each agency must complete and return the appropriate spreadsheet(s) for the services it provides for Milwaukee County.  This information must be submitted by August 18 to Chuck Sigurdson (charles.sigurdson@milwaukeecountywi.gov). Click on the service(s) your agency provides:

Provider agencies of these services are reminded that they will no longer be responsible for direct billing of Medicaid, starting November 3 (in conjunction with the transition to Avatar), and that Milwaukee County will thereafter bill Medicaid — based on the services reported by provider agencies through Avatar — and reimburse providers accordingly.


User Acceptance testing in late August

The CARS Division is completing its initial configuration of the Avatar system, and we will soon begin User Acceptance (UA) testing to ensure optimal functioning of the system and to troubleshoot any problems prior to implementation. UA testing will involve a small, representative sample of various service providers, both internally and externally. Participating providers will be notified by Monday, August 11, and the testing will begin in late August. 


Avatar & Provider Connect trainings in October

UA training is a precursor to broader Avatar and Provider Connect training that will take place in October. Training will be organized around particular service arrays, responsibilities, and workflows, meaning that there will not be a single, unified training curriculum. Rather, providers will receive targeted invitations to specific training sessions based on their roles and responsibilities in relation to the CARS Division. Please note the following minimum computer system requirements to utilize Provider Connect:



 Operating System

 Windows XP, 7, or 8


 1 GB or greater

 Hard Disk Space

 512 MB or greater


 VGA (1024 x 768)


 Microsoft or compatible pointing device


 IE 8 or newer, or current versions of Chrome or Firefox


 1.7 Update 65



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♦ Info request (WIMCR)
♦ User Acceptance testing
♦ Trainings in October
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Frequently Asked Questions


If we've already submitted info for 2013 expenses related to Crisis, CSP, or TCM services, to we need to re-submit this info (per Bulletin #1)?
No.  If you've already provided this info for 2013, we will access your previously submitted worksheet.
If we've expressed interest in providing CCS services, how should we complete the CCS worksheet (per Bulletin #1)?
Use the CCS worksheet provided to indicate the staff that you plan to use to to deliver CCS services.  You may use the same info from your Crisis, CSP, or TCM worksheets if these costs accurately reflect your anticipated costs for similar personnel providing CCS services.  The info you provide will help us examine how our provider costs align with the interim rates.