When Coverage Stops

  If Your Employment Terminates:

  • Your County benefits for you and your dependents stops on the last day of the month following the month in which you terminate with some exceptions. Your union contract provisions govern this date.

  • You may, however, continue coverage under health or dental plans at your expense under Federal COBRA Law for a period of 18 months or until you become eligible to participate with no restrictions for pre-existing conditions under a medical or dental plan of another employer, whichever comes first. (See When Coverage Continues)

  • This also applies if you transfer from an eligible employee classification to an ineligible employee classification within the County.



  Unpaid Leave:

  • You may continue coverage under health or dental plans at your expense if you are placed on certain unpaid leaves of absence. Your County health insurance may apply for a period of one year to eligible employees who exhaust their sick leave because of illness and must take a leave of absence without pay. The one year period of limitation shall begin on the first day of the month following that in which the leave of absence begins. An employee must return to work for a period of sixty (60) calendar days with no absences for illness related to the original illness in order for a new one-year limitation to commence. Also includes approved medical leave for State or Federal or unpaid leave of absence for employees covered by Workers Compensation.

  • Premiums for the employee portion of your benefits will go into arrears, compiling until your return from a leave of absence.  Upon return, your premiums will commence and double the deduction will be taken until the arrears balance is repaid.  If you do not wish to have deductions in arrears, you may go on COBRA and pay the entire premium (employee and county portion) for your benefits during your absence.

  • Employees who are on a leave of absence due to Suspension Without Pay will be billed the employee portion of their benefits until the employee returns from the leave of absence or employment is terminated.  If payment is not received, the employee's benefits will be terminated and COBRA will be offered.






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