Employee Wellness



  Important information:

  • Spouses and dependents are not required to participate in order to receive the incentive.

  •  For accurate results, please remember to fast for your biometric screening appointment.

    • Nothing to eat or drink, except water, 10 to 12 hours prior to your appointment.

  • Health coaching can be utilized by any employee regardless of their risk. It is a one-on-one interaction with a certified Health Coach who is there to help you achieve your health related goals, keep you accountable, and help you stay motivated.

    • Nothing ever said with the health coach will be reported back to the County.

  • The program is participation based. Therefore, if you set a goal during your health screening or in a coaching session and do not meet it you will not be penalized. As long as you are participating and meeting the requirements you will receive the incentive.


Milwaukee County will not receive any information from Workforce Health that can be used to identify any individual employee’s health info.

Firefighters Union:
  • Any employee covered by the medical premium rates defined in the Firefighters contract are eligible to participate in the wellness program, but will not be eligible for the monthly medical insurance premium reduction.  


 Important Health Coaching Information:

  • Health coaching helps individuals prioritize what is important to them regarding their health and encourages goal setting to achieve an individual’s optimal health. All coaching is done telephonically with a certified Wellness Coach from Froedtert Workforce Health. Appointments are typically 15 minutes long and they offer evening and weekend hours.


  • Health Coaching is open to all employees, but those who scored 59 or lesson on their biometric screen must coach at least once a quarter in order to earn the wellness credit. All required coaching must be completed by the 15th of the last month of each quarter (June 15th, September 15th, and December 15th).




To schedule a coaching appointment call Froedtert Workforce Health at 414-777-3446.


Other frequently asked questions can be answered Here.






Milwaukee County is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer that is actively seeking qualified applicants for various positions throughout County government. Milwaukee County does not discriminate based on age, ancestry/national origin, arrest/conviction record, color, creed, disability, marital status, military membership, race, sex or sexual orientation.


If special accommodations are needed, please contact 414-278-4143

 901 N. 9th Street

 Milwaukee, WI 53233

  • Ph: 414-278-4938



 Claire Schuenke

 Wellness Coordinator

 Courthouse Room 210

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