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Claire Schuenke 

Wellness Coordinator


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Milwaukee County Wellness Program

The Milwaukee County employee wellness program is a voluntary benefit for employees. We strive to improve the health of County employees and their families, which in turn will help reduce our healthcare spending.


Wellness at Milwaukee County:

  • Participation based (not mandatory)

  • Focuses on the whole wellbeing of a person

  • Encouraged by leaders in the County

  • Open to all employees and their family members

  • Motivating, inspiring, and fun!

Health Assessment Process for Current Employees  (hired before 2/2/2016)

Workforce Health will be conducting onsite health assessments from January 4th through March 3rd. Communication regarding the annual health assessments were sent out by Workforce Health in mid-December. You can find the information sent below:


Questions regarding the health assessments can be directed to Workforce Health:  414-777-3446


Online Questionnaire

The questionnaire should only take you about 15 minutes and will ask you questions related to your health behaviors




Biometric Health Screen

The biometric health screen will take approximately 30 minutes. It consists of:

  • A finger stick blood test for cholesterol and glucose

  • Height

  • Weight

  • Waist circumference

  • Blood pressure 

  •  A one-on-one meeting with a Froedtert Workforce Health’s health coach to review the results


There are two options for completing the health screen:

  1. Schedule an appointment at a County facility by visiting www.pickatime.com/mkecountyhra. Employees can visit any location to have their screening completed.

  2. Take this form to your primary care physician and have them complete it in its entirety. Your physician will need to fax or mail the form to Workforce Health. You will receive an email from Workforce Health confirming they received your form. They will also ask you to schedule a telephonic appointment to review your results.




Health Coaching Information

Health coaching helps individuals prioritize what is important to them regarding their health and encourages goal setting to achieve an individual’s optimal health.

  • Employees who score below a 60 on the health assessment are required to work with a health coach once a quarter in order to continue earning wellness premium rates

  • Employees who score 60 or above are not required to do coaching in order to receive the wellness premiums, but are welcome to coach regardless

  • Coaching appointments can be made at www.pickatime.com/mkecountycoach or by call Workforce Health at 414-777-3446

  • The quarterly coaching deadlines are June 15th September 15th, and December 15th

  • All employees are welcome do coaching regardless of their risk level 

Important information

For accurate results, please remember to fast for your biometric screening appointment.Nothing to eat or drink, expect water, 10 to 12 hours prior to your appointment. 

  • Spouses and dependents are not required to participate in order for the employee to receive the incentive.

The program is participation based. Therefore;

  • If you set a goal during your health screening or in a coaching session and do not meet it you Will Not be penalized.

  • As long as you are participating and meeting the requirements you will receive the incentive.


All health assessments are completed by Froedtert Workforce Health and are strictly confidential. The County will not receive information regarding an individual's health assessment.


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