Treasurer's Function

Pursuant to Section 59.25 of the Wisconsin Statutes, the county treasurer receives all monies which belong to or are deposited in trust with the County of Milwaukee; pays out all monies on directive of the County Board, or as otherwise provided by law or ordinances; transmits State taxes, fees, and revenues from other charges to the State Treasurer; collects and enforces the collection of delinquent property taxes; assists with certain administrative details in connection with the sale and redemption of 1982 and prior County bonds or notes; provides for the daily cash requirements of Milwaukee County; and invests County appropriations not needed immediately in low risk, short-term investments. The Treasurer is also responsible for investment of public funds not needed for daily operations. In addition, the Treasurer is responsible for collecting delinquent property or real estate taxes for the 18 suburban communities in the county. The City of Milwaukee does its own collection of property taxes. 


Mission Statement:  In its functions of cash receipt and disbursement, property tax services and investment programs, the Milwaukee County Treasurer's Office will provide prompt, high-quality services to sustain the overall operation of Milwaukee County Government for the benefit of its citizens. With this mission, county residents and businesses can expect to owe fewer delinquent property taxes; property tax data will be accessible to the public; and county vendor and employee payment systems are to be improved through the use of new bank programs. The Treasurer's Office is best contacted by telephone due to the complicated nature of many requests for information.  


Deputy Treasurer Rex B. Queen

Contact at 414-278-4033


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