Bureau staff interacts with the response community to provide training and educational opportunities. Recruitment for attendance at State sponsored emergency management courses are sent out to emergency planners and responders throughout the year. These courses are available at no cost to the attendee, other than transportation and meals. A complete training schedule and course application form can be requested by calling the Bureau at 414-278-4709. Completed course applications must be returned to this office for processing. Additional information on training, including course descriptions and independent study courses, is available from the Federal Emergency Management Agency ( from the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) at Emmitsburg, MD.


Emergency Management staff, upon request, visits schools, businesses, nursing homes, etc., to provide assistance in tornado planning and to provide liaison with other agencies to assist facilities in their emergency planning. Always, the emphasis is placed on the exercising of plans and then the incorporation of lessons – learned in the rewriting of the exercised plans. Mitigation of potential hazards or ways to limit loss of life and property are the foremost emphasis during any visit/presentation. The Staff has also, upon request, made in-service training presentations concerning tornado safety and also has videos available for use for smaller training sessions.


Upcoming Training

Please contact Milwaukee County Emergency Management to inquire about Upcoming Training Events @ 414.278.4709.


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