Tax Collection

The Treasurer's office arranges collection of back taxes through monthly payments, through foreclosures, or through suing the individual personally for the taxes. Contact the Treasurer directly by phone to discuss monthly payment schedules. Keep in mind that by law the Treasurer must charge 18% interest per year. It is to your advantage to pay your back taxes as quickly as you can. You might want to consider a home equity loan at half the interest rate or a re-finance to take care of the taxes and any other bills you might have. Be careful about taking on debt to pay for debt. Also beware of any broker or lender who promises "quick" or "easy" loans. There are NO such things. Check with reputable banks and other lenders. If one turns you down ask why. Then go to another lender. Most people, by far, pay their taxes and feel the obligation to support the many services that property taxes support -- police, fire, sanitation, street maintenance, parks, public health, services for persons with disabilities, services for elderly and many more services that make our lives easier and better.  


Property taxes are collected by each city or village until July 31 of the year the taxes are due. In August, the cities and villages (except the City of Milwaukee) sell their delinquent accounts to Milwaukee County. Milwaukee County pays the cities and villages for each unpaid account. Then it is up to the Treasurer to collect. The best collection tool seems to be foreclosure. In the past 4 years the Treasurer has filed foreclosure actions on more than 800 properties. Most of those were redeemed. Milwaukee County took title to about 35 of those properties. Some people will only pay if faced with foreclosure.

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