Tap the Potential (Disabilities Awareness Month)

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Tap the Potential, Disability Awareness Month


Tap the Potential in 2013

 Tap The Potential Logo
This year we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary of Tap the Potential! Tap the Potential Disability Awareness month has been celebrated in Milwaukee each October since 2003. This year organizations are sponsoring a variety of activities geared towards raising the public’s awareness of the talents and issues of people with disabilities in our community. Initially coordinated by the Milwaukee County Office for Persons with Disabilities, the 2013 effort is being led by Barbara Leigh from the Milwaukee Public Theatre, Jan Kruk & Jennifer Vattendahl of Goodwill, and Heide Planey from VSA Arts of Wisconsin.

Tap the Potential October Events

Tap the Potential has organized a number of awareness raising events throughout the month. Organizations are encouraged to sponsor their own events and invited to list them on the calendar. The calendar will be updated throughout the month as information is received. To find out more information and add events to your calendar, click here.

Calendar of Events

September 26, Grand Opening: Nexday Center, MCFI in Bay View. For More information please visit: http://www.mcfi.net/Event/MCFI-Calendar/Nexday-Grand-Opening-in-Bay-Vi.htm

October 1-22, Art Exhibit at General Mitchell International Airport ***See details below***

October 3, 11 am-1 pm, Artist reception and performances at Airport, featuring Will & Branch, Easter Seals Color Guard

October 4, 6:30 pm, Rose Onama, Storyteller at Villard Library

October 6, 8:45 am, Out of Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk, Humboldt Park. For More information please visit:https://www.afsp.org/news-events/event-calendar/milwaukee-out-of-the-darkness-walk5.

October 7, 6:30 - 9 pm, VA Recovery Coffee House, music and poetry by veterans, Clement Zablocki Veterans Hospital main building, 5000 W. National Avenue, Recreation Hall Room 3435

October 8, 12 noon, Mudd River Lee, musician, Milwaukee Intermodal Station

October 13, 10:30 am, Walk to Defeat ALS, Greenfield Park. For More information please visit: http://web.alsa.org/site/TR?fr_id=9254&pg=entry#.Ui4OGD-J0us

October 13, 10:30 am, MPT entertainers at Walk to Defeat ALS, Greenfield Park
October 13, 1 pm, Krista Wildflower as "Mother Nature - Wisconsin Wildflowers and Weeds" at Urban Ecology Center, 1500 E. Park Street

October 15, 9:30 am, Cammie Draheim, poet, Milwaukee Secure Detention Center (not public)

October 15, 12 noon, White Cane Flash Mob at County Courthouse. Contact Julie Hapeman at 414-405-8332 or JHapeman@gmail.com Click here to view last year's FLASH MOB performance

October 17, 11:30 am, “Pieces: In My Own Voice”, Clement J. Zablocki VA Hospital (open to veterans, families and staff)

October 18, 5-9 pm, Gallery Night: "No Pity...Please" exhibit at IndependenceFirst, 540 S. First Street. Reception featuring the works of Jeff LaDow, an internationally known local artist who paints using his mouth. Show remains through October, M-F, 8-4:30
October 18, 7:30-8:30, Gallery Night: Ruth Brown, classical singer, at The Plaza Hotel, 1007 N. Cass St.
October 18, 7-8 pm, Gallery Night: Dan Johnston, guitar and originals, at Iron Horse Hotel, 500 W. Florida

October 20, 8 pm, Mudd River Lee at St. Peter & Paul Apostle's Cafe, Bradford & Cramer

October 21, 9:30 am, Rose Onama, Storyteller, and Cammie Draheim, poet at Milwaukee Secure Detention Center (not open to public)

October 23, 7 pm, “Making A Scene – A Celebration of the Senses” at Broadway Center Theatre, with Renaissance Theaterworks: Barbara Leigh, Chastity Washington, Ruth Silver, Vision Forward. For More information please visit: http://www.r-t-w.com/diverse-works/

October 26, 9:30 - 3:30, Vision Forward Connections Conference. For More information email kbraakala@vision-forward.org

October 30, 10 am, Cammie Draheim, Van Gogh-inspired art, at Washington Park Senior Center

October 30, 1 and 3:30 pm, “Survival Revival Revue Excerpts” by Barbara Leigh, Marquette University School of Nursing

November 1, Children of the Sun, deaf drum troupe with Jahmes Finlayson, at MSOE Kern Center, 1245 N. Broadway, in conjunction with MSOE Wheelchair Days


Art Exhibition(s)

 Picture of butterflies
An exhibition of over fifty artists representing a full spectrum of disabilities is being held at Mitchell International Airport. The Art Exhibition will be on display from October 1st - October 22nd. The Artist's Reception is being held at Mitchell International Airport’s main concourse on Thursday, October 3rd at 11:30 A.M. 
 The Airport show will once again ask the public to share their comments about the artwork. Many passengers wrote messages sending support and encouragement to the artists. Click here to see the messages that were posted in previous years of the event. This year, travelers will be asked to vote for their favorite artist in which the top artists will receive cash prizes.
If you are looking for to enter some of your artwork into the Art Exhibition or are looking for Art Sales information, please contact Jennifer Vattendahl at 414-847-1991 or Email by clicking here.  Entry forms for the Art Exhibition can be found by clicking here.
Thanks to the committee members: Heide Planey - VSA Arts of Wisconsin, Jan Kruk - Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin, Jennifer Vattendahl - Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin, Barbara Leigh - Milwaukee Public Theatre, Betsy Foss-Campbell - Donna Lexa, Susan Endes - MCFI, Cammy Draheim and Bridget Bannon - Community Volunteers and Mike Bonk - Milwaukee County Office for Persons with Disabilities.


 Picture of a bookmark
Each year artwork is submitted by artists with disabilities and laminated for bookmarks. Information about the artist and the sponsoring agency is included on the back. We have collected various works throughout the years and will have bookmarks available at our various events. Previously representatives from five states across the nation saw information about our bookmarks on the website and requested quantities.Click here to see some of our previous bookmarks. Contact Mike if you'd like some bookmarks. Click here to email Mike.
Special thanks to Susan Russell - Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin for coordinating and producing this effort.

Bus Pass

The Milwaukee County Transit System again selected Tap the Potential as one of its weekly and monthly bus pass themes this year.  This year's theme is titled "Life in the Fast Lane".  To see current and previous bus passes please click here.
Thanks to Don Natzke, Milwaukee County Office for Persons with Disabilities; Tom Roehl, Milwaukee County Transit Company; and Dan Spitz for their creativity and talent in creating the pass.

More Information: For more information about Tap the Potential contact Mike Bonk, Milwaukee County Office for Persons with Disabilities at 414-278-3938 or email him here.


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