Substance Abuse Procedure


  Substance Abuse Procedure






Milwaukee County is committed to the safety and well-being of employees and the public. The use, abuse, or dependency on illegal drugs, alcohol, and/or controlled substances represents a threat to personal and public safety and property, and is in contradiction with Milwaukee County’s commitment to the citizens of the County.



It is Milwaukee County Policy That

Employees may not report to work with alcohol or illegal drugs in their systems or in their possession, or be impaired by or under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances during working hours, or while on work premises. Any employee found using, possessing, selling, distributing or under the influence of an illegal controlled substance, and/or alcohol, or impaired by a controlled substance during working hours or on County property, including buildings, parking lots, and vehicles, will be subject to appropriate corrective action, up to and including termination of employment.


Milwaukee County management in departments that require staff to participate in substance abuse testing are required to enforce this procedure. They will receive instructions on determining reasonable cause, testing procedures, Milwaukee County's testing procedure, and how employees may receive help with alcohol/substance abuse problems.


All Milwaukee County employees are expected to become familiar with and to comply with this procedure. If assistance is needed with personal problems, including alcohol/substance abuse, employees may contact the Employee Assistance Program at 800-622-7276 or their personal physician for further information on seeking help.

Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Procedure

The full procedure is located in the Administrative Manual of Operating Procedures under Section 2-Human Resources. 


You can view the procedure by clicking here


To view the determination form, click here.

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