Bat Night

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cluster of little brown bats, Eastern Pipistrelle, bat skeleton, little brown bat, sound-recording/GPS device
  Photos of bats courtesy WDNR

Bat Night
For Adults:
Friday, June 23, 2017
8–10 p.m.

For Families:
Saturday, June 24, 2017
10 p.m.

Join a Wehr Nature Center Naturalist for an evening devoted to the fiction, folklore, and, most importantly, the facts about these common and misunderstood wild neighbors.

Discover which bats live in your neighborhood, and learn about the race to save North American Bats from potential extinction from the disease, White Nose Syndrome. According to a study published in Science, loss of bats in North America could cost agriculture at least $3.7 billion per year.



After the indoor introduction to Bat Night, head outdoors in search of bats in Whitnall Park. Using the latest technology, you will "hear" the ultrasonic echolocations of bats.

The detector combines a system for recording the bat calls and a global positioning system (GPS). The recordings will show different sound wave patterns for different species, and the GPS will pinpoint the location of the bat. 

Little Brown Bat sonogram

Eastern Pipestrelle sonogram


 You'll learn how you can protect bats through participation in Citizen Science monitoring. You can provide important data for the bat surveys of the Wisconsin Bat Monitoring Program.


Come dressed for the weather and be prepared to walk at a brisk pace over Whitnall Park trails in the dark.


Please register by Thursday before the program.

2017 Admission 
Non-Milwaukee County Resident: $12 per person
Milwaukee County Resident: $10 per person
Member of Friends of Wehr: $7 per person

Parking fee in effect




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Wehr Nature Center
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