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Grab your glove and get ready for some FUN!  Milwaukee County Parks offers one of the largest varied leagues of competition for adults in Southeastern WI.  Milwaukee County Parks Adult Fall sports leagues serves men & women, age 18 years or older, with a variety of leagues that run from late August to October, 2015.



  • REGISTRATION APPLICATION Click here (League sign-up deadline is August 7, 2015)

E-mail applications to:



WEST MILWAUKEE RULE-  All balls that strike a light pole "in the field of play" at West Milwaukee Park will now be considered live no matter where on the pole the ball is struck.  A home run will be considered when a batted ball strikes a light pole and then goes over the outfield fence.  

HOME RUN RULE-  For ALL home runs hit, players are REQUIRED to touch every base then home plate before leaving the field.  Failure to do so, by any/all players, will result in automatic outs and runs will not be counted.

PLAYER REGISTRATION / ROSTERS-  The first (11) players listed on the team roster will pay the residents fee regardless of whether they are a Milwaukee County resident or not.  No payment is required for more than (15) players registered on a team.

Roster forms are in a fillable PDF format and must be electronically filled out and e-mailed before the first week of the season beginning April 27th, 2015.  Any player joining a team after the roster form has been submitted must call or notify the office by phone or e-mail and pay the associated fees before being eligible to play.

PLAYER EJECTION RULE-  If a player is ejected from a game and fails to produce a valid picture I.D., both the player and the manager will be suspended from play.

PITCHING RULE-  All pitchers have (10) seconds after receiving the ball to proceed with the pitch.  If the pitch has not been thrown, the umpire will signal an automatic ball and the count will reset.

STRIKE MAT RULE-  A strike mat will be used for all games.  A legally pitched ball that hits the home plate or mat will be ruled a strike.  The 6-12 foot arc limits remain in effect for 2015.

COED UPDATES-  All female batters will receive an extra swinging strike or foul ball before being called out.  Teams will now be allowed to compete with (4) female players and there will no longer be automatic walks awarded to female players at any point in the game.


2015 SOFTBALL TOURNAMENTS   Information Flyer

To be eligible to participate in a Milwaukee County tournament, a team must be registered for league play within Milwaukee County Parks.  All teams are eligible to participate in tournament play on a first come, first serve basis. Teams who register must pay the required fee at the time of application.  The last day to add tournament-eligible players to your roster is Monday, June 15, 2015.  Additional details can be found on the tournament page or information flyer.



For the 2015 season, the ball used for all leagues will be the Dudley .52/300 (4A-066Y).  One new ball (original package) must be brought to every game and given to the official.  Balls MUST be purchased from Dunns Sporting Goods, who is the official ball bid winner for Milwaukee County Softball leagues.  Dunns will also provide awards to league champions at the season completion.  Teams who fail to purchase balls through the official ball bid winner are subject to disciplinary actions including removal from participation within Milwaukee County Parks leagues.

We will be utilizing the Banned Bat List developed by the ASA.  Please visit the rules/ASA approved bats tab at the top of this page.



In the event of rain or if field conditions are questionable, please call the office at (414) 257-8030 after 4:00 pm or visit the Field Conditions tab at the top of this page.  After 4:30pm it will be umpire's discretion.  If games are cancelled at the field, managers will be notified directly.

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