Sheriff's News


11/30/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 12 Arrests

11/26/2014 Man Dies in Rollover Crash on Freeway

11/25/2014 Court Upholds Sheriff's Termination of Deputy

11/23/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 10 Arrests

11/19/2014 Driver Apprehended After Fleeing Crash Scene

11/17/2014 Sheriff's Detectives Investigate Child Abuse Case at Children's Hospital

11/16/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 7 Arrests

11/09/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 6 Arrests

11/05/2014 Wrong-way Drunken Driver to be Sentenced

11/02/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 13 Arrests

10/27/2014 Sheriff's Deputies and Partner Agencies Arrest 14 Registered Sex Offenders

10/27/2014 Body Found Near Kosciuszko Park Lagoon

10/26/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 7 Arrests

10/21/2014 Sheriff's Office Monitors Sex Offenders During Trick or Treat Hours

10/19/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 11 Arrests

10/17/2014 Jail Medical Staff Follows Infectious Disease Protocol

10/13/2014 Woman Jumps from Hoan Bridge

10/12/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 9 Arrests

10/09/2014 Sheriff Approves Jail Protocol in Place for Ebola Virus Screening

10/06/2014 MCSO Partners with MPD on Truck Inspections

10/05/2014 Plane Passenger Dies at GMIA

10/05/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 11 Arrests

10/03/2014 Man Charged for Making Telephone Threats

10/01/2014 Fatal Crash on US-45 Caused by Reckless Driver-Faces Two Felony Charges

09/28/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 13 Arrests

09/22/2014 Two Drunken Drivers Crash into Each Other, Also Strike Another Vehicle

09/22/2014 Sheriff Clarke to Honor Deputies, Correctional Officers and Civilians

09/21/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 13 Arrests

09/17/2014 Sheriff Applauds Judge in Stiffening Sentence for Concertina Bar Armed Robber

09/17/2014 Deputies Stop Wrong-Way Drunken Driver on US-45

09/16/2014 Recent Budget Move by County Executive Abele Causes Sheriff to Express Concern of Retribution in 2015 Budget (View Email)

09/11/2014 Deputies Arrest Woman Who Assaulted County Security Guard at JJC

09/10/2014 Sheriff to Attend 9/11 Commemoration at Fire Station with St. Marcus School

09/10/2014 Deputies Stop DUI-5th Who Rear-Ended Vehicle on Freeway

09/07/2014 Wrong-way Suspected Drunken Driver in Head-on Collision

Operation Drive Sober Results in 5 Arrests

09/03/2014 Safely Securing Items/Furnishings for Freeway Transport

09/02/2014 20 Drunken Drivers, 7 Repeat Offenders Arrested During Labor Day DUI Enforcement

08/29/2014 HOC Inmate on Huber Arrested for Battery at Children's Court

08/26/2014 Sentencing Wednesday in George Webb Fatal Shooting Case

08/26/2014 Watered Down Charge in Exchange for Plea Bargain in Felony Murder-Attempted Armed Robbery

08/26/2014 Sheriff Highlights Dangerously-Low Staffing Levels

08/24/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 6 Arrests

08/23/2014 Car Narrowly Misses Striking Squad, Driver Flees Traffic Stop

08/20/2014 Sheriff Accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

08/20/2014 Sheriff Wins Appeal in Case Brought Against Him by Former Deputy

08/19/2014 Sentencing Wednesday in George Webb Fatal Shooting Case

08/19/2014 Deputy Involved in Crash When a Vehicle Runs Stop Sign, Driver Flees Scene

08/19/2014 Sheriff Orders Internal Investigation into MCSO Captain's Arrest for Drunken Driving in Minnesota

08/17/2014 Deputy Injured in Motorcycle Crash

08/17/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 8 Arrests

08/16/2014 Safety Building Affected by Flooding Caused by Faulty Pipe

08/12/2014 Subject Sheriff Pulled Over in DV Traffic Stop Posted Bail; Arrested Again Today for Harassing Victim

08/10/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 8 Arrests, 5 Repeat Offenders

08/08/2014 Sheriff Attributes Proliferation of Auto Thefts to Lenient Prosecution

08/08/2014 Sheriff Stops Man in Domestic Violence Incident in Progress Listen to Dispatch Call

08/08/2014 Road Closures for USA Triathlon National Championships

08/06/2014 Sheriff Responds to NNO Criticism from other Elected Officials

08/06/2014 Sheriff's Detectives Nail HOC Inmate in Murder for Hire Case

08/05/2014 Sheriff to Launch MCSO Mobile Phone App

08/04/2014 Sheriff to Address National Night Out Week and Milwaukee Violence

08/03/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 10 Arrests; DUI Driver Strikes Squad, Injures Deputy

08/01/2014 County Lawyer Assaulted at Courthouse After Court Hearing

07/30/2014 Sheriff's Detectives' Armed Robbery Investigation Leads to Arrest of Parks Employee in Inside Job

07/29/2014 Sheriff Reissues Request for Public to be Watchful at Religious Sites

07/29/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 8 Arrests; 3 Repeat Offenders

07/29/2014 Deputy Injured in Motorcycle Crash

07/28/2014 Sheriff Applauds Judge in Stiff Sentence for Drunk Driver

07/27/2014 Sheriff Asks for Public's Help in Monitoring Activity Around Area Religious Sites

07/27/2014 Weather Related Multiple Vehicle Crash on I94 at 35th Street

07/27/2014 Apparent Medical Death in Whitnall Park - Victim Identified

07/21/2014 Hoyte Park (Menomonee River) Drowning Victim Identified

07/20/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 8 Arrests; 2 Repeat Offenders

07/19/2014 Detectives Investigate Death of Taxi Cab Driver

07/18/2014 Deputies Arrest Drunken Driver for DUI-5th

07/17/2014 Deputies Arrest Drunken Driver for DUI-6th

07/16/2014 Previously Fired Corrections Officer Sentenced Today

07/16/2014 Sheriff David Clarke Brings VINE Protective Order Service to Milwaukee County

07/15/2014 Sheriff Orders Motorists to Move Over

07/13/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 8 Arrests

07/12/2014 Squad Struck at Crash Scene - Deputy Injured

07/09/2014 Deputies Arrest Woman for DUI-2nd with Three Children in Vehicle

07/07/2014 Man jumps from Hoan Bridge

07/06/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 12 arrests, 2 Repeat Offenders

07/03/2014 Detectives seek charges against three in assault on bus passengers

07/03/2014 Deputies arrest two repeat drunken driving offenders

07/02/2014 Lincoln Memorial Drive, Hoan Bridge Closures for Fireworks

07/02/2014 Sheriff Thanks Media, Public for Their Help in Identifying Assault Suspects

07/02/2014 Sheriff, County Executive Joint Media Release - FMLA Abuse Crackdown

07/01/2014 Sheriff Asks for Public's Help to ID Assault Suspects on Bus

06/29/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 11 Arrests, 1 Wrong-way Driver

06/27/2014 Sheriff Orders Investigation into Discharge of Confiscated Weapon by Deputy

06/27/2014 Wrong-Way Drunken Driver Sentenced

06/26/2014 Hoan Bridge Closures for Big Bang Fireworks

06/24/2014 Park & Ride Safety: Hide It, Lock It, Keep It

06/23/2014 Consumer Scam Alert - Targets: Senior Citizens and Spanish-speaking Consumers

06/22/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 9 Arrests, 4 Repeat Offenders

06/21/2014 Spectator at Air Show Collapses, Dies

06/20/2014 Sheriff's Office Plan for Weekend Lakefront Events

06/18/2014 Deputies Arrest Wrong-Way Driver

06/18/2014 A Court that Doesn't Mean What it Says

06/17/2014 Revolving Door Milwaukee County Criminal Justice System Releases Four Dealers From a Major Drug Ring on Signature Bond

06/15/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 16 Arrests, 3 Repeat Offenders

06/13/2014 State Prison Guard Faces Felony Charge for Spitting at Officer

06/13/2014 Deputies Arrest Woman for Felony DUI-4th

06/11/2014 Disabled Vehicle Safety

06/10/2014 Wrong-way Drunken Driver in Injury Crash Gets Stayed Sentence

06/09/2014 Man Charged in Drug Case Stemming from Lakefront Traffic Stop

06/08/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 10 Arrests, 2 Repeat Offenders

06/03/2014 Deputies Stop Wrong-way Confused Driver on Freeway

06/03/2014 Sheriff Clarke Pleased District Attorney Agrees to Study

06/02/2014 Wrong-way Driver on Freeway Ramp

06/02/2014 Defendant Given Time to Report for CCW Conviction Fails to Report, Sustains Gunshot Wound While on the Loose

06/01/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 16 Arrests, Four Repeat Offenders

06/01/2014 Motorcyclist Dies in Crash on US-45

05/27/2014 Sheriff Calls on DA and Chief Judge to Suspend Soft Criminal Justice Practices

05/27/2014 Sheriff's Office Memorial Day Weekend Activity - Operation Drive Sober results

05/21/2014 Sheriff Clarke to Outline Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Patrol Initiatives, Display Operation Safe Summer Resources

05/20/2014 Deputy Injured in Squad Crash

05/19/2014 MPD Officer Arrested for Drunken Driving

05/19/2014 Sheriff Again Offers Mayor a Strategy on How to Curb Crime and Violence

05/18/2014 Fatal Vehicle Crash on I-43

05/18/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 9 Arrests, 3 Repeat Offenders

05/15/2014 Detectives Investigate Death of Man in Noyes Park

05/13/2014 Elderly Man Dies on Plane at Airport Gate

05/11/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 11 Arrests, 2 Repeat Offenders

05/09/2014 Felon Flees Crash Scene, Breaks into River Hills Home

05/09/2014 Reissue of March News Release: Sheriff Call for the Milwaukee Board of School Directors to Make the Process of

Selecting the Next Superintendent Open to the Public

05/08/2014 Sheriff Orders lakefront and Park Initiative to Begin Today

05/06/2014 Federal Court of Appeals (Chicago) Affirms Ruling Against Inmate Who Claimed Constitutional Deprivations

05/06/2014 Deputies Arrest Man for DUI-6th

05/05/2014 Man Jumps from High-rise Bridge in Marquette Interchange

05/05/2014 Greater Milwaukee Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony Wednesday, May 7, 2014

05/05/2014 County Cashier Pilfers Money from Cash Register - Judge Gives No Jail Time

05/04/2014 Sheriff Clarke Receives Racially Slurred Threat

05/04/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 3 Arrests

05/02/2014 Sheriff's Office Remembers Alexis Patterson

04/30/2014 Deputies Arrest Wrong-Way Drunken Driver Involved in Freeway Crash

04/29/2014 Teen Passenger Critically Injured in Freeway Crash

04/27/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 8 Arrests, 2 Repeat Offenders

04/22/2014 Sheriff Clarke to Join Ald. Donovan's "Operation Alley Cat" Announcement

04/22/2014 Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week, April 21-25

04/20/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 7 Arrests, 2 Repeat Offenders

04/13/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 12 Arrests, 3 Repeat Offenders

04/11/2014 Credit Card Scam Diverting Calls to 911 Systems

04/10/2014 Charges Filed Against Cudahy Man; Barricaded Subject Fired Shots (Read Criminal Complaint)

04/09/2014 A Tale of Two Milwaukees - Statement from Sheriff Clarke on this week's fatal shooting of a 29-year-old woman on Center Street

04/06/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 14 Arrests

03/31/2014 Sheriff Clarke Interview with WisPolitics this Week

03/30/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 11 Arrests

03/27/2014 Information Sought on Fleeing Vehicle

03/27/2014 Sheriff Calls for Milwaukee Board of School Directors to Make Process Selection of Next Superintendent Open to the Public

03/26/2014 Results from Operation Manhunt Warrant Sweep for Drunken Drivers

03/26/2014 Deputies Arrest Hit and Run Driver for DUI-5th

03/26/2014 Sheriff Response to Rep. Barnes' Statement on Status of Black Families

03/25/2014 Suspect Strikes Correctional Officer in Booking Room

03/25/2014 Sheriff Suggests Additional Preventive Measures for Wrong-way Driver Problem

WisDOT Forms Joint Milwaukee County Freeway Safety Task Force

03/25/2014 G4S Inmate Transport Van in Rollover Crash

03/23/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 7 Arrests

03/18/2014 Sheriff Clarke: Setting the Record Straight on MCSO Budget Editorial

03/18/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 19 Arrests, St. Patrick's Day Weekend Stats

03/17/2014 DA Reconsiders Case, Charges Filed Against County Cashier

03/16/2014 Deputies Arrest Man for DUI-7th

03/11/2014 Journal Sentinel Continues Their Pattern of Assault on Women and Minorities

03/10/2014 County Cashier Pilfers Money from Cash Register, DA Recommends No Criminal Charges

03/09/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 13 Arrests

03/03/2014 Deputy's Squad Struck on Freeway 8th Squad Struck Since December

03/02/2014 Operation Drive Sober - 3 arrests, one a DUI-5th offender in freeway crash

02/25/2014 Correctional Officers Attacked by Inmate

02/23/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 8 Arrests

02/19/2014 Deputies Arrest Drunken Driver for DUI-5th

02/18/2014 Thornton's Departure Announced, Sheriff Calls for Barrett to Take Control of MPS

02/17/2014 Detectives Identify, Track, Arrest Subject in $20,000 Mitchell Airport Theft

02/17/2014 Motorist Rear-ends Squad at Crash Scene, Injures Deputy

02/16/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 6 Arrests

02/14/2014 Report of Man with Firearm Near Courthouse

02/13/2014 Squad Struck at Crash Scene, Deputy Injured

02/11/2014 Sheriff to Attend 65th Annual Exchange Club of Milwaukee Crime Prevention Awards Luncheon

02/09/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 10 Arrests

02/05/2014 CO Charged for Videotaping Women in Locker Room at Jail (View Criminal Complaint)

02/04/2014 Sheriff Releases 2-Year Report on Analysis of Wrong-way Drivers (View Analysis Report)

02/02/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 7 Arrests

01/30/2014 Deputies Arrest Wrong-Way Drunken Driver on Freeway

01/30/2014 Correctional Officer, Previously Recommended for Firing by the Sheriff, Arrested for Using Hidden Camera (Update: CO Resigns)

01/29/2014 Sheriff Calls City Residency Decision "Best Day in Milwaukee History"

01/28/2014 Sheriff Calls Frivolous Lawsuit an Attack on Women in Law Enforcement

01/26/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 5 Arrests, Two Wrong-Way Drivers

01/21/2014 Truck and Two Cars Crash on Freeway

01/20/2014 Deputies Arrest Man for 5th DUI Offense

01/20/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 10 Arrests

01/17/2014 Correctional Officer Charged in Sex Assaults of Inmate (Criminal Complaint)

01/17/2014 Deputies Injured When Squad Struck on Freeway

01/15/2014 Citizens Receive $1000 Rewards for Tips Leading to Arrest of Felons

01/13/2014 Good Samaritan Transit Supervisor Reinstated

01/12/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 4 Arrests

01/10/2014 Deputies Arrest Man for 5th DUI-Drugs Offense

01/09/2014 Sheriff's Office Investigates Death at Airport

01/08/2014 Sheriff Clarke to Join Ald. Donovan to Honor Actions of Former Transit Worker Who Came to Aid of Woman

01/06/2014 Deputies Arrest Wrong Way Drunken Driver-DUI-4th Felony

01/05/2014 Pipe Bursts Causing Flooding at Children's Court Center

01/05/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 5 Arrests

01/03/2014 Sheriff's Advisory for People Traveling to Sunday's Packers Game

01/03/2014 Traffic Advisory for Motorists Life-threatening Cold Weather Conditions

01/01/2014 Deputies Arrest 13 Drunken Drivers During New Year's Eve Enforcement

12/30/2013 Sheriff's Apprehension Unit Captures HOC Inmate Who Escaped From Custody

12/30/2013 Wrong Way Driver on Highway 794

12/30/2013 Sheriff Clarke Urges Citizens to Celebrate Responsibly on New Year's Eve

12/29/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 5 Arrests

12/26/2013 Sheriff Calls County Transit Decision to Fire Transit Worker Who Came to the Aid of a Woman Being Beaten Shameful and Misguided

12/23/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 4 Arrests

12/16/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 7 Arrests

12/14/2013 Deputy Stops Wrong-way Drunken Driver on I-43

12/11/2013 Four Standing at Crash Scene Struck by Another Vehicle

12/08/2013 Fatal Crash on I-43 at Hwy 100

12/08/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 6 Arrests

12/06/2013 Arrests for Lewd and Lascivious Behavior in County Parks

12/06/2013 Sheriff's Deputies, Other Law Enforcement Agencies Volunteer for 7th Annual "Shop With a Cop" Saturday

12/02/2013 Sheriff Clarke Activates Operation Safe Drive During Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

11/30/2013 Deputies, Police Apprehend Drunken Driver Who Fled Scene on Foot

11/26/2013 Inmate Attacks Correctional Officers in Jail

11/24/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 7 Arrests

11/22/2013 Sheriff Alerts Public on Emerging Criminal Activity Trend Known as the "Knockout Game"

11/21/2013 Man in Stolen Vehicle Leads Deputies on Freeway Pursuit

11/21/2013 Wrong Way Drunken Driver Crashes on Freeway, DUI-2nd

11/20/2013 Deputies Arrest Man for 5th DUI Offense

11/19/2013 Criminal History of Suspect in Children's Hospital Incident Demonstrates the Failure of Soft on Crime Policies

11/17/2013 Sheriff Orders After-Action Critique of Children's Hospital Shooting

11/17/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 11 Arrests

11/13/2013 Operation Manhunt Fugitive Task Force with Sheriff's Office and US Marshals Service

11/11/2013 Milwaukee Makes Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities List

11/10/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 11 Arrests

11/08/2013 Sheriff Encourages the Public to Turn Out for the 50th Annual Veterans Parade 

11/05/2013 Sheriff's Deputies Conduct Undercover Operation in Parks - Arrest 11 for illegal sexual activity

11/03/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 11 Arrests

11/01/2013 Bail Set at $200,000 for Drunken Driver Who Injured Deputies

11/01/2013 Alderman Donavan Asks Sheriff Deputies to Join Forces with MPD Officers to Fight Prostitution

10/30/2013 Sheriff's Bomb Squad Called to Investigate Suspicious Package

10/29/2013 Sheriff's Deputies Injured in Crash Caused by Drunken Driver - 1000th Repeat Offender since 2010

10/28/2013 Sheriff's Deputies and Partner Agencies Arrest 19 Registered Sex Offenders During Trick-or-Treat Hours

10/28/2013 Deputy Seizes $27K in Cash from Vehicle at DUI Traffic Stop

10/27/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 12 Arrests, 1 with Child in Car

10/25/2013 2013 Wanted Sex Offender Absconder List

10/20/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 9 Arrests, 1 Felony-4th Offender

10/17/2013 Public Policy Forum Report Highlights Abele's Micromanagement of Sheriff's Office

10/16/2013 Deputies Arrest Man for DUI-2nd with Two Children in Vehicle

10/13/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 5 Arrests, 1 Repeat Offender

10/07/2013 Wrong-way Drunken Driver Crashes, Flees Scene

10/06/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 8 Arrests, 4 Repeat Offenders

10/03/2013 Sheriff Calls Electronic Monitoring Audit Flawed and Soft on Crime

09/30/2013 Man Arrested for DUI-2nd with Two Children in Car

09/29/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 11 Arrests

09/18/2013 Washington Navy Yard Massacre Renews Sheriff's Call for Armed Deputies at Milwaukee County Courthouse Complex Checkpoints

09/16/2013 Sheriff Clarke to Honor Deputies, Correctional Officer and Civilians.  Click here to read about Award Recipients.

09/16/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 13 Arrests

09/12/2013 Media Alert UPDATE: Patient Escapes from County Mental Health Complex

09/12/2013 Media Alert: Patient Escapes from County Mental Health Complex

09/08/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 10 Arrests

09/07/2013 Deputies Arrest Felony-DUI-4th Offense

09/04/2013 Sheriff and Deputies Traffic Stop Leads to Drug Arrests

09/04/2013 Sheriff Clarke to Participate in 'St. Marcus March on Malcolm X'

09/03/2013 Harvard Study Debunks More Gun Control Link To Reducing Violence Myth

09/03/2013 28 Drunken Drivers Arrested During Labor Day DUI Enforcement

08/29/2013 Mayor Barrett's 'Nothing-to-see-here-move-along' Strategy

08/29/2013 MCSO Motorcycle Unit Joining Escort for House of Harley Ride to Benefit C.O.P.S. Camp

08/28/2013 Recent Shooting of Bus Driver Highlights Increase in Crime on Milwaukee County Buses - Graphs

08/26/2013 Sheriff Clarke Issues Traffic Alert for Increased Presence of Motorcyclists in Milwaukee Area for Harley-Davidson 110th Event

08/25/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 7 Arrests

08/25/2013 Fatal Rollover Crash on I-43

08/22/2013 Wrong-way Drunken Driver Arrested

08/21/2013 Deputies Arrest Man for DUI-4th with Pending DUI-4th from April

08/20/2013 Sheriff Clarke Provides Officers for Alderman Donovan's Neighborhood Walk After Police and City Officials Back Out

08/20/2013 Fatal Motorcycle Crash on I-43

08/19/2013 Chris Abele Runs from His Responsibility and Lies Again

08/19/2013 Drunken Driver Had Eight Children in Car

08/19/2013 Deputies Arrest Wrong-way Drunken Driver on Freeway

08/18/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 15 Arrests

08/16/2013 Wrong-way Drunken Driver Travels Nearly 15 Miles

08/15/2013 Deputies Arrest DUI-3rd Involved in Hit and Run

08/15/2013 Two Women Arrested in Disturbance at Child Support Office

08/07/2013 Man Arrested for DUI-4th With Assistance of Two Citizens

08/06/2013 Inmate Who Escaped From Officer at Hospital Receives Light Sentence

08/05/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 6 Drunken Driver Arrests

08/02/2013 Deputies Arrest Man for DUI-5th Offense

07/30/2013 Memorial Observance for Fallen Deputy

07/28/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 7 Drunken Driving Arrests

07/27/2013 Sheriff's Office Conducting Investigation Into Plane Crash

07/27/2013 Sheriff's Bomb Squad Responds to Suspicious Device in Waukesha

07/27/2013 Detectives Apprehend Escaped Patient from Emergency Detention

07/25/2013 Sheriff's Detectives Apprehend 5 Subjects Involved in McGovern Park Armed Robbery

07/23/2013 Identity Released of Victim in Fatal I-894 Crash

07/22/2013 Fatal Crash Closes I-894 Southbound

07/21/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 13 Drunken Driving Arrests

07/18/2013 Deputies Stop Wrong-way Driver on State Highway 794

07/15/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 5 Drunken Driving Arrests

07/02/2013 Lincoln Memorial Drive, Hoan Bridge Closures for Fireworks

07/01/2013 Man Who Sent Email Threat to Sheriff to be Sentenced Today

04/29/2013 Sheriff Rolls Out Operation Safe Summer Initiative

04/28/2013 Sheriff Clarke Named CSPOA 2013 Sheriff of the Year

04/26/2013 Sheriff's EOD K-9s Conduct Sweep at Menomonee Falls North Junior High School

04/24/2013 Sheriff's EOD K-9s Conduct Sweep at Wauwatosa West High School

04/24/2013 Woman Arrested for Felony DUI-4th Offense

04/23/2013 Bomb Squad Responds to West Bend - Suspicious Item in Parking Lot

04/22/2013 Man Charged for Attempt to Disarm Officer

04/22/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 14 Drunken Driver Arrests

04/18/2013 Inmate Case Against Sheriff's Office Dismissed

04/17/2013 Detectives Arrest Man in Bomb Threat

04/16/2013 Deputy Arrests Gallardo for DUI-1st

04/15/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results In 18 Drunken Driver Arrests

04/11/2013 Criminal Complaint Of State vs. Daniel Billings Child Abuse Case

04/11/2013 Sheriff Calls Broken Criminal Justice System a Co-Conspirator In Recent Murder-Suicide Case

04/09/2013 Deputies Apprehend Man Threatening Others With knife At Airport

04/09/2013 Sheriff's Bomb Squad Responds After Highly Explosive Material Turned In To A West Bend Fire House

04/09/2013 Police Research Group, NYPD Follow Sheriff's Lead in Fighting Back in Violent Encounters

04/09/2013 Sheriff's Bomb Squad Responds to Germantown - Suspicious Packages

04/08/2013 Sheriff Responds to Violent Weekend in Milwaukee

04/07/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 18 DUI Arrests

04/05/2013 Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad Responds to Washington County Pipe Bomb Call

04/02/2013 Sheriff Clarke Applauds NRA School Safety Initiative

04/02/2013 Woman Survives Jump from Hoan Bridge

04/01/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 22 Drunken Driver Arrests


03/29/2013 Deputy Arrests Woman who Repeatedly Rammed Another Car on Freeway

03/29/2013 Deputies Pull Woman from Kinnickinnic River

03/29/2013 Deputy Arrests Man for DUI-6th

03/29/2013 Wrong-way Drunken Driver on Freeway

03/27/2013 Deputy Resuscitates Baby by Performing CPR

03/24/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results In 17 Drunken Driver Arrests

03/21/2013 Detectives Arrest Man For Threats Against Coggs Human Services Center

03/19/2013 Deputy Arrests Woman for DUI - Four Children In Car

03/18/2013 Operation Drive Sober - 38 Drunken Driver Arrests Over St. Pat's weekend

03/13/2013 Sheriff's Office Investigates Death at Eviction Site

03/13/2013 SWAT Team and Detectives Investigate Shots Fired at Eviction

03/12/2013 Man Shoots Heroin on Freeway, Crosses All Lanes, Crashes

03/10/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 25 Drunken Driver Arrests

03/06/2013 Sheriff Orders Deputies To Courthouse Complex Checkpoints After Security Breaches

03/06/2013 Another Escape At Milwaukee County Mental Health Hospital

03/05/2013 Deputies Arrest Man For DUI-4th, Woman For Hit And Run DUI-3rd

03/04/2013 Sheriff Orders Investigation Into Threatening Email

03/04/2013 Sheriff Calls For Federal Prosecution On Some Cases Based On Evidence Of Milwaukee County Court System Leniency

03/03/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results In 126% Increase In Drunken Driver Arrests


02/28/2013 Inmate Reportedly Suffered A Seizure, Transported To Hospital

02/25/2013 Inmate Complains that Thermostat Set at 68 Degrees at County Jail is Too Cold

02/24/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 19 Drunken Driver Arrests

02/21/2013 Squad Involved In Two-Car Crash

02/21/2013 Sheriff's Bomb Squad Respond To Bomb Threat

02/19/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results In 102% Increase In Drunken Driver Arrests

02/17/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results In 19 Drunken Driver Arrests

02/15/2013 Sheriff Calls Barrett's Comment On Rise In Violent Crime Incredible

02/12/2013 Deputies Apprehend Two Subjects In Stabbing Incident

02/10/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results In 18 Drunken Driver Arrests

02/08/2013 Wrong-Way Drunken Driver Causes Head-On Freeway Crash

02/07/2013 Man Convicted Of Assaulting Women Near Lakefront To Be Sentenced

02/05/2013 Straw Purchase Arrests Go Nowhere In Milwaukee County Court System

02/05/2013 Sheriff's Detectives Investigate Patient-To-Patient Sexual Assault At County Mental Health Complex

02/05/2013 Car Taken In Armed Robbery Set On Fire In Washington Park

02/04/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results In 16 Drunken Driver Arrests


01/30/2013 Mayor Barrett Fabricates Data On Television Show

01/27/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results In 26 Drunken Driver Arrests

01/25/2013 Sheriff Clarke Responds To Mayor Barrett's Not-So-Serious Take On Violent Crime

01/24/2013 SWAT Team Training In Franklin

01/23/2013 Women Cited For Misuse Of 9-1-1

01/22/2013 Sheriff Attributes North Side Burglaries/Robberies to Failed Soft-on-Crime Experiments and MC Criminal Justice System

01/21/2013 Man Arrested For DUI-2nd With Child In Car

01/20/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results In 18 Drunken Driver Arrests

01/18/2013 Frank Jude Booked On Domestic Violence Charge

01/13/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results In 27 Drunken Driver Arrests

01/11/2013 Sheriff Orders Additional DUI Enforcement, Message To Motorists: Drive Sober

01/10/2013 Sheriff Calls Mayor Barrett's Intent To Curb Gun Violence Disingenuous

01/09/2013 CJC spreads column condoning violence against women victims of assault

01/09/2013 Fatal Crash on Freeway

01/08/2013 County HR Director Admits Difficulty In Hiring Jail Doctors

01/07/2013 Inmate Lawsuit Against Sheriff Dismissed

01/06/2013 17 Arrested For Drunken Driving - DUI 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th And 13th

01/02/2013 Court-Ordered Huber Inmate Escapes, Overdoses

01/01/2013 First Repeat Drunken Driver Of The New Year

01/01/2013 18 Drunken Drivers Arrested Durning New Year's Eve Enforcement Initiative  


12/31/2012 MCSO to Announce First Drunken Driver of the New Year

12/29/2012 Deputy Hospitalized after Squad is Rammed by Drunken Driver

12/28/2012 Wrong-Way Drunken Driver Causes Serious Injury Crash, Flees Scene

12/28/2012 Fire fighter Jumps from 27th Street Bridge onto Freeway

12/27/2012 Drunken Driver with Pending OWI-3rd in High Speed Chase

12/24/2012 Wrong-Way Drunken Driver - 36th YTD

12/23/2012 Deputy Arrests Man for OWI-4th

12/22/2012 Clarke Calls Barrett's Attack on the Constitution and the NRA Politically Motivated

12/17/2012 OWI-4th Drunken Driver Flees Crash Scene

12/13/2012 MCSO And Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign

12/09/2012 Deputy Arrests Man For OWI-4th Within Five Years

12/08/2012 Eleven OWI Arrests Overnight

12/03/2012 32 Crahes On Freeway System Today

12/03/2012 Man Chases Woman Into Courthouse Bathroom After Custody Hearing

12/03/2012 Deputy Arrests Man For OWI-7th

12/02/2012 Man Arrested For OWI-1st, Causing Injury In Rollover Crash


11/28/2012 Deputies Break Up Fight Outside Courtroom After Sentencing Hearing

11/28/2012 Man Arrested for Sexual Assaults on Lakefront Trail Released on Low Bail

11/27/2012 Sheriff Clarke Comments On Recent Violence In City Of Milwaukee

11/26/2012 Thanksgiving weekend Operation Safe Drive Summary

11/21/2012 Inmate Worker Injured

11/19/2012 MCSO Investigating Captain

11/19/2012 Operation Safe Drive news conference

11/17/2012 Patient Escapes at BHD

11/15/2012 Sheriff Thanks County Board

11/12/2012 Wrong-Way Driver On I-43, 31st Wrong-Way Driver This Year

11/10/2012 Sheriff's Bomb Squad Dismantles Explosive Device

11/10/2012 Wrong-Way Druken Driver Arrested

11/08/2012 Sheriff's Apprehension Unit Arrests Child Sexual Assault Offender

11/07/2012 Roll-Over Crash On I-94 Closes Freeway At Start Of Rush Hour

11/02/2012 Deputy Assaulted On Freeway ***Update***

11/02/2012 Deputy Assaulted On Freeway


10/31/2012 Deputy's Firing Upheld By County Personnel Review Board

10/30/2012 U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Denies Complaint By Sheriff's Captain

10/30/2012 Sheriff Says Soft-On-Crime Criminal Justice System Failed To Protect Five-Year-Old Boy

10/29/2012 Top 10 Wanted Noncompliant Registered Sex Offenders

10/29/2012 Deputies Arrest 15 Registered Sex Offenders During Trick-or-Treat Hours

10/25/2012 Sheriff's Office Monitors Sex Offenders During Halloween Trick Or Treat Hours

10/22/2012 Man Dies In Jump Off Hoan Bridge

10/19/2012 MCSO Bomb Squad Sent To Waukesha Residence

10/17/2012 Motorcyclist Crashes On Freeway, Arrested For OWI-3rd

10/16/2012 Deputies, K-9 Apprehend Drunk Man After Freeway Pursuit And Fleeing Crash Scene

10/10/2012 Sheriff Wants To Know How Patient Who Died At County BHD Broke His Neck 

10/10/2012 Clarke Responds To Supervisor Jursik's Tirade

10/09/2012 Sheriff, WisDOT, And Privvate Company Partner On Wrong-Way Driving Initiative 

10/08/2012 Sheriff Calls Abele's "Budget Tweak" Not Permissible Under Budget Rules

10/06/2012 Sheriff's Detectives Investigate Patient Death At Mental Health Complex 5th Death This Year

10/05/2012 Deputy Arrests Man For OWI-5th

10/04/2012 Sheriff's Office EOD Unit Responds To Bomb Threat At Hartford Union High School

10/03/2012 Wrong-Way Driver Causes Serious Injury Crash

10/03/2012 Sheriff's Detectives Investigate Car Fire At Washington Park

10/03/2012 EEOC Denies Complaint By Sheriff's Captain

10/01/2012 Wrong-Way Drunken Driver Arrested By Deputy On Freeway

09/28/2012 Sheriff Calls Mayor Barrett's Furloughing Of Police Evidence Of A Low Priority For Public Safety

09/28/2012 Inmate Assults Public Defender During Intake Meeting

09/27/2012 Sheriff Says County Executive Abele Lying About Deputies Not Responding To Calls

09/26/2012 Sheriff Clarke To Honor Deputies, Correctional Officers And Civilians

09/26/2012 Sheriff Clarke Calls Prosecution Of Arrested Bomb Scare Suspects "All Bark And No Bite"

09/26/2012 Inmate Dies Of Overdose After Escape From Court

09/26/2012 Notice Of SWAT Team Training Exercises

09/25/2012 Driver, Passanger Switch Places, Both Arrested For OWI-5th And OWI-1st

09/25/2012 Sheriff Calls City Burglary Response/Prevention Inadequate

09/20/2012 Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office K-9 Euthanized

09/16/2012 Deputy Arrests Man For OWI-5th After Freeway Pursuit

09/15/2012 Deputies Stop Wrong-Way Driver, 21st Wrong-Way Driver On Milwaukee County Freeway This Year

09/11/2012 Drunk Driver With Pending OWI-5th Crashes On Freeway

09/11/2012 Subject Attacks Nurse At Mental Health Complex

09/10/2012 OWI-Related Fatality On Freeway

09/10/2012 Sheriff To Bring Back 29 Laid-Off Deputies

09/06/2012 EOD Response On Military Explosives In Beaver Dam

09/06/2012 OWI-5th Motorcyclist Crashes On I-794 Sends Motorcycle Over Bridge

09/05/2012 Wrong-Way Driver Causes Serious Injury Crash On I-94

09/04/2012 Two Men Attack Three People In Line At Courthouse

09/04/2012 Labor Day Travel Safety Enforcement Summary

09/02/2012 Deputy Arrests Woman With Two Pending OWI-5th Cases

08/30/2012 Inmate Back In Custody

08/30/2012 Court-Ordered Huber Inmate Flees After Battery

08/29/2012 Sheriff Clarke News Conference on Labor Day Travel Safety

08/24/2012 Deputy Arrests Man For OWI-6th

08/23/2012 Court-Ordered Huber Inmate Arrested After Crash In Wind Lake

08/23/2012 Man Arrested After Motorcycle Crash For OWI-3rd

08/21/2012 Semi Strikes Squad On I-94

08/14/2012 Idiot Supervisor At It Again

08/13/2012 Dignitary Protection Protocol

08/10/2012 Man Who Tried To Run Down Deputy With Van Sentenced

08/06/2012 Information from Oak Creek news briefing on Sikh Temple shooting

08/05/2012 Shooting At Oak Creek Sikh Temple

08/04/2012 Statement From Deputy Aleman's Family

08/03/2012 Media Staging Areas For Deputy Sergio Aleman's Funeral

08/02/2012 Funeral Arrangements Set Up For Deputy Aleman

08/02/2012 Memorial Fund Accounts Setp Up For Fallen Deputy

08/01/2012 Sheriff Clarke News Conference On Fatal Crash Involving Deputy


07/31/2012 News Conference On Squad Crash At Froedtert

07/31/2012 Serious Injury Squad Crash

07/19/2012 Man Arrested For OWI-4th (623rd Repeat Offender Since January 2010)

07/18/2012 FedEx Semi Double-Trailer Rollover

07/17/2012 Inmate On Court-Ordered Release Escapes From Custody

07/17/2012 Sheriff Clarke Blasts Idiotic Statement By Supervisor Weishan

07/16/2012 Man Jumps To His Death From High Rise Bridge

07/16/2012 Deputies Arrest Man For OWI-5th, Woman For OWI-9th With Child In Vehicle

07/13/2012 MCSO Deputy, MPD Officers Take Down Suspected Bank Robbers

07/12/2012 Deputy Stuck With Heroin Needle During Crash Investigation

07/11/2012 Deputy Arrests Man For OWI-4th

07/09/2012 Sheriff's Office Investigates Patient Death At BHD

07/09/2012 Deputy Arrests Man For OWI-4th, Gun In Vehicle

07/06/2012 Squad Struck On Freeway

07/05/2012 Deputy Assaulted While Breaking Up Fight At Lakefront

07/04/2012 Woman Injured In Wrong-Way Crash Dies

07/03/2012 Wrong-Way Driver Strikes Vehicle On US-45

07/02/2012 Identities Released In Fatal Wrong-Way Driver Crash

07/02/2012 Drunk Driver Sideswipes Squad On Lincoln Memorial Drive

07/02/2012 Wrong-Way Driver Causes Double-Fatal, 4 Vehicle Crash


06/29/2012 Man Who Attempted To Run Over Deputy Is Convicted

06/29/2012 WI Department Of Corrections Electronic Monitoring Snafu Draws Response From Sheriff

06/29/2012 Off Duty Corrections Officer Follows Impaired Driver, Deputies Arrest Man For OWI-5th-Drugs

06/29/2012 Security Employee Death At Airport

06/26/2012 Park & Ride Safety: Hide It, Lock It, Keep It.

06/22/2012 Sheriff Clarke To Attend Hearing On Threat Case

06/21/2012 Sheriff's EOD Unit Responds To Fond Du Lac

06/15/2012 Criminal History Of Crystal D Jackson

06/15/2012 Huber Sentence: The Latest Charade In Social Engineering

06/12/2012 Deputies Save Man's Life In Courtroom

06/11/2012 K-9 Tracks Felon Who Fled Traffic Stop

06/02/2012 Deputy Arrests Man For OWI-5th (592nd Repeat OWI Offender Since 2010)


05/30/2012 Civil Service Commission Dismisses DSA Complaint

05/29/2012 Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Memorial Day Weekend Activity

05/26/2012 Women Arrested For OWI-6th (589th Repeat Offender Since 2010)

05/25/2012 Sheriff Asking That County Civil Service Commission Be Held In Contempt

05/23/2012 Sheriff Clarke To Outline Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Patrol Initiatives

05/19/2012 Sheriff Clarke Activates Lakefront Safety Initiative

05/19/2012 Sheriff's Office Attempting To Locate Suspect Fleeing From Deputies At High Speeds

05/16/2012 Security Officer At Behavioral Health Charged In Theft Of Patient's Wedding Ring

05/16/2012 Federal Court Jury Sides With Sheriff

05/16/2012 Greater Milwaukee Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony

05/15/2012 Jet Skis Capsize In Lake Michigan

05/15/2012 Man Arrested At Lakefront - OWI With Minor Child In Car

05/10/2012 Subject Threatened Suicide From Bridge Overpass

05/09/2012 Sheriff's Squad Struck

05/07/2012 Resignation Of Deputy Sheriff Sergeant Philip Wentzel

05/03/2012 Deputy Under Investigation

05/02/2012 Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Remembers Alexis Patterson

05/02/2012 Wrong-Way Drunk Driver In Hit And Run Freeway Crash

05/01/2012 Inmate Back In Custody

05/01/2012 Two Inmates Escape From Court-Run Day Reporting Center


04/28/2012 Hit And Run Driver Arrested For OWI-5th

04/23/2012 Sheriff's Office Explorer Unit Raises Money For Fellow Explorer

04/23/2012 Teen Arrested For OWI With Minor Passangers

04/16/2012 Sheriff's Office Participates In Severe Weather Awareness Week

04/16/2012 Patient Dies At Mental Health Complex

04/16/2012 Inmate Road Crews Handling Spring Freeway Clean-Up

04/13/2012 Man Dies In Jump Ferom Hoan Bridge

04/10/2012 Man On Probation Arrested In OWI Crash, Gun Possession

04/09/2012 Deputies Arrest Drunk Driver For OWI-5th-6th

04/04/2012 Another County Employee Charged In FoodShare Scam

04/03/2012 Second Wrong-Way Driver On Freeway In Less Than A Week

04/02/2012 Sheriff's County Attorney Fails To Represent Him In Federal Court Case


03/30/2012 Wrong Way Drunk Driver Stopped by Deputies On Freeway

03/28/2012 Body Recovered From River, Investigation Continues

03/28/2012 Women Jumps From Hoan Bridge

03/27/2012 Apprehension Unit Takes Escaped Inmate Into Custody

03/23/2012 Escape From Custody

03/23/2012 Crash Investigation Update

03/22/2012 G4S Inmate Transport Bus Clips Semi On Freeway

03/22/2012 OWI-4th within Five Years

03/18/2012 30 Drunk Drivers Arrested On St. Patrick's Day

03/15/2012 "Operation Unlucky Charm"

03/14/2012 Lipski Criminal Record

03/14/2012 Sheriff's Detectives Uncover Inmate's Murder For Hire Plan

03/13/2012 Sheriff's Apprehension Unit Locates Missing BHD Patient

03/13/2012 Patient Missing From Behavioral Health

03/10/2012 Sheriff Disputes Supervisor's Claim On Cause Of Crime

03/08/2012 Inmate Escapes From Day Reporting Center

03/05/2012 Squad At Crash Scene Hit By Vehicle On Freeway

03/03/2012 Deputies Narrowly Avoid Being Struck On Freeway

03/02/2012 Inmate Sentenced For Assaulting Deputy

03/01/2012 Sheriff's EOD Unit Responds To Pipe Bomb Call


02/21/2012 Milwaukee Sheriff's EOD Unit Remove Explosive From Home

02/17/2012 The Myth About Moving Money Around

02/16/2012 Sheriff Responds To Attacks From City/County Politicians

02/15/2012 Setting The Record Straight On Dignitary Protection

02/14/2012 Deputies Arrest Man for OWI-7th Drug Related

02/05/2012 Patient Death at Milwaukee County Mental Health Facility

02/04/2012 Drunk Driver Parked on Freeway, Sleeping, Arrested for OWI-4th

02/04/2012 Deputies Arrest Man for OWI-8th

02/04/2012 Sheriff Makes Freeway Traffic Stop

02/03/2012 Deputies Arrest Man with Handguns at Hospital

02/03/2012 Clarke Tells Judge Kremers to Stop Whining

02/03/2012 Sheriff Recinds Order for Deputies to Report


1/30/2012 Tanker Crash Closes Freeway

1/30/2012 Bus Safety News Conference

1/25/2012 OWI 4th Speeding

1/16/2012 Deputies Arrest Man with U.S. Marshal's Warrant for Bank Robbery

1/15/2012 OWI-3rd with Four Children in Car

1/13/2012 Corporation Counsel Fails in Attempt to Force Sheriff to Lay Off Deputies

1/9/2012 OWI-2nd Causes Two Crashes on Hoan Bridge

1/7/2012 OWI-5th is 230th Repeat Offender in Last 13 Months

1/7/2012 Deputies Deploy Taser on Unruly Defendant in Courtroom

1/5/2012 OWI-2nd (Drugs) with Minor Children in Car

1/4/2012 Apprehension Unit Has Inmate Back in Custody

1/4/2012 Escape from Custody- Demond Thomas

1/4/2012 OWI 5th- Driving 97 MPH

1/2/2012 DV Arrest at Ronald McDonald House

1/1/2012 222nd Repeat OWI Repeat Offender with Minor in Car-Felony

1/1/2012  New Years Arrest Totals


12/31/2011 Deputies Arrest Drunk Driving Offender-OWI-4th within 5 Years

12/31/2011 Deputy Injured Breaking Up Fight at BHD

12/30/2011 Wrong-way Driver on Freeway Charged Today

12/29/2011 OWI Enforcement New Conference

12/29/2011 Wrong-way Drunk Driver on Freeway

12/27/2011 Stolen DPW Truck - Information Needed

12/27/2011 Update on Hoan Bridge Fatal Crash

12/23/2011 Sheriff Orders Deputies to Report to Work

12/22/2011 Deputies Arrest Man Who Threatens to Blow Up Courthouse

12/21/2011 Woman Who Flipped Off Sheriff Sentenced

12/21/2011 Sheriff Clarke Responds to Supervisor Jursik Attack

12/20/2011 Deputies Arrest Man Disrupting Courtroom

12/19/2011 Courthouse Brawl

12/19/2011 Sheriff Addresses County Executive Abele Sighting

12/17/2011 MCSO Investigators Arrest Four More in Transit Attack

12/16/2011 Woman with 2 Year Old Child Attacked on County Bus

12/15/2011 Sheriff Speaks Out About Violence on County Buses

12/12/2011 Deputies Respond to Multiple Incidents on County Buses

12/11/2011 Passenger Suffers Serious Injuries in OWI Crash

12/09/2011 MCSO and Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign

12/08/2011 Another Bus Driver Assualted

12/05/2011 Juvenile Passenger Assaults Bus Driver

12/02/2011 Shop With A Cop

12/02/2011 Sheriff's Statement on Shakespeare Treatment in Juvenile Corrections


11/30/2011 Sheriff Orders Deputy Detail to Prevent Courthouse Complex Security Breaches

11/29/2011 Correctional Officer Faces Charges for Disorderly Conduct in Jail

11/28/2011 Thanksgiving Weekend Operation Safe Drive Summary

11/27/2011 Rollover Crash Closes Freeway Briefly

11/27/2011 Semi Loses Steel Rolls in Traffic

11/26/2011 Hit and Run Subject Apprehended by Deputy

11/26/2011 Battery on MCTS Bus

11/23/2011OWI 3rd Crashes on Freeway

11/23/2011 Driver Arrested for 4th OWI

11/22/2011 OWI With 11 Kids in Car Fails to Show for Court

11/21/2011 Operation Safe Drive News Conference

11/15/2011 CO Assaulted by Inmate Accused of Killing Pregnant Woman and Unborn Child

11/14/2011 OWI 4th- Man Falls Asleep at Wheel, Crashes into Semi on Freeway

11/14/2011 County Employee Racks up $20k Personal Phone Bill at Taxpayers Expense

11/13/2011 Inmate Escapes While on Work Release, Back in Custody

11/11/2011 OWI 2nd Driver Leads Deputy on Pursuit

11/10/2011 Be Careful Who You Flip Off on the Freeway

11/08/2011 National Emergency Alert System Test

11/07/2011 Jail Corrections Officer Uses Taser to Prevent Assault

11/05/2011 Man Arrested for OWI-5th

11/02/2011 Sheriff Urges Senate to Pass 'Castle Doctrine Law'


10/31/2011 Deputies Arrest 16 Registered Sex Offenders

10/30/2011 Sheriff's Transport Van Struck w/Sex Offender Arrestees

10/27/2011 Sex Offenders Monitored During Trick or Treat

10/27/2011 Cold Weather May Affect Road Conditions

10/24/2011 Fatal Freeway Crash on I-94

10/23/2011 Drunk Driver Just Missed hitting Deputy on Freeway

10/19/2011 Wrong Way Driver

10/14/2011 Sheriff Praises Judge on Sentencing

10/12/2011 Apprehension Unit Nabs Escapee

10/12/2011 Changes Implemented on Hoan Bridge

10/10/2011 3rd Crash in a Week on Hoan Bridge

10/10/2011 Man Arrested for OWI 5th

10/09/2011 Public Help Needed - Escape from Custody

10/07/2011 Hoan Bridge Construction Safety Hazard

10/06/2011 Illegal Immigrant Sentenced to Huber 


09/29/2011 Sheriff's Response to Proposed Budget

09/06/2011 Labor Day Weekend Enforcement Summary


08/31/2011 Sheriff Clarke Holds News Conference on Labor Day "Safe Travels"

08/31/2011 Wanted Suspect Turns Himself into the County Jail with Cocaine in Pocket

08/31/2011 Sheriff's Deputy Arrests Driver for his 4th Operating While Intoxicated Offense

08/28/2011 Sheriff's Deputy Arrests Driver for her 5th Operating While Intoxicated Offense


06/09/2011 Judge Orders a Halt to Additional Security for High-Risk Inmate

06/07/2011 Traffic fatality, I94 N/B at Puetz Road

06/05/2011 Driver in Rollover Freeway Crash with 11 Children in Car was Intoxicated

06/03/2011 SB 109 seeks to amend SS 946.41 re: soft tissue injury to a law enforcement officer when resisting or obstructing arrest

06/01/2011 Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judges Having a Hard Time Differentiating the Cops from the Criminals

06/01/2011 Man in Freeway Rollover Crash Arrested for OWI 4th


05/31/2011 Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Memorial Day Weekend Activity

05/26/2011 Attorney Taken into Custody at OWI-3rd Court Hearing

05/26/2011 Milwaukee County Gypsy Moth Spray Notification

05/23/2011 Weekend Lakefront Initiative Results in Arrest of Felon With Firearm; Citations for Disorderly Acts

05/19/2011 St. Charles School Employee Arrested on Alleged Sexual Assault Charges

05/15/2011 Sheriff Orders Internal Investigations After Arrest of Two Deputies in Separate Incidents

05/09/2011 Sheriff Calls for Longer Mandatory Prison Terms in Any CCW Legislation

05/09/2011 Inmate Road Crews Handling Spring Freeway Cleanup


04/30/2011 Man Dies at Airport Amtrak Station

04/27/2011 DA’s Office Employee Robbed Outside Safety Building

04/27/2011 Charges Filed In Wrong-Way Drunk Driver Case

04/25/2011 OWI-Wrong way driver causes head-on collision on I-43

04/22/2011 Sheriff Clarke Comes to Aid of Disoriented Motorist

04/18/2011 Milwaukee Man Arrested for Fourth OWI Offense within Five Years

04/13/2011 Man Arrested for OWI-Sixth Offense

04/11/2011 April 11-15, 2011 is Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week

04/08/2011 Sheriff to Travel to Israel for Homeland Security Training

04/07/2011 Court Commissioners Show Disregard for Jailor Safety

04/05/2011 Freeway Traffic Stop Yields $15,000 of Heroin

04/05/2011 Felony Charged Issued on Two Inmates for Injuring Jailors



03/19/2011 Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest Two Involved in Disturbance at Froedtert Hospital

03/18/2011 33 Drunk Drivers Arrested on St. Patrick’s Day

03/17/2011 Wrong-way Drunk Driver Causes Freeway Crash

03/16/2011 St. Patrick’s Day Enforcement Efforts

03/14/2011 Two Arrested Over Weekend for Fourth OWI Offenses  


02/08/2011 Blizzard Clean Up Efforts Total Nearly $3.7 Million

02/01/2011 Inmate Commits Suicide at County Jail

02/01/2011 Report a Crash Online on Sheriff’s Office Website


01/30/2011 Off-duty Sheriff’s Deputy Punched by Shoplifter at Mayfair Mall
Driver in Fatal New Year’s Day Crash at .145 PAC


11/29/2010 "Operation Safe Drive" Enforcement Totals 

11/21/2010 Traffic Advisory - Slippery Roads

11/03/2010 SWAT Training in Franklin – Loud “Booming” Noises Expected

11/01/2010 Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest 12 Registered Sex Offenders on Halloween for Probation and Parole Violations


10/29/2010 Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Monitors Sex Offenders During Halloween Trick or Treat Hours

10/22/2010 Crash on Freeway Leads to Assault of a 64-Year Old Man

07/27/2010 Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Emergency Management to Coordinate FEMA Damage Assessment Teams

07/23/2010 Sheriff Clarke Warns Against Basement Contracting Scams

07/23/2010 Flood Damage Reporting with Milwaukee County 2-1-1

07/23/2010 Lincoln Memorial Drive Update

07/15/2010 MCSO EM Reports Heavy Rains Overnight Impact Milwaukee County Communities

07/06/2010 Driver Arrested for 4th Drunk Driving Arrest Won’t Face Felony Charge


06/30/2010 Drunk Driving Initiative Strengthened

06/28/2010 Clarke, Waker Issue Update on O'Donnell Parking Structure

06/28/2010 Shooting on Milwaukee County Freeway

06/23/2010 Flooding Update

06/23/2010 8am Current flooding conditions

06/22/2010 How do you know if a tornado warning has been issued for your local area?


05/03/2010  2010 Law Enforcement Memorial

05/03/2010 Remembering Alexis Patterson

12/08/2009 Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Deploys Additional Patrol Deputies During Winter Storm
12/04/2009 2009 Shop with a Cop

11/24/2009 Sheriff holds news conferance on holiday travel

11/02/2009 Sheriff Investigates Off-Duty Deputy Stopped at Airport Checkpoint with Firearm in Travel Bag

10/23/2009 War Memorial Veterans Honors Sheriff Clarke with Americanism Award
09/27/2009 Southeast Multi-Jurisdictional OWI Task Force Deployment Results

07/15/2009 Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Investigates Cruelty to Animal Complaint
07/13/2009 No Major Incidents Reported During South Shore Water Frolics


06/23/2009 Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Searching for Inmate on Electronic Monitoring

04/29/2009 OWI Task Force Deployment Results
03/18/2009 Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest 29 on St. Patrick’s Day
03/12/2009 Sheriff Clarke Comments on Correctional Officer Charged with Sexual Assault of Inmates
02/27/2009 Sheriff Clarke's Remarks to Governor Doyle's Early Inmate Release Proposal
01/28/2009 Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Explorers Host Open House Thursday, February 5th
01/21/2009 Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest Driver for OWI 2nd
12/18/2008 Community Information:  "Winter Preparedness"

11/26/2008 Thanksgiving Message
11/13/2008 Listen » 9-1-1 Dispatcher Disconnects from Woman in Crisis


10/31/2008 Deputies targeting Drug Drivers this Halloween

10/17/2008 Correctional Officer Arrested for OWI

10/17/2008 Sheriff Clarke Asks Gov. Doyle to Support OWI Checkpoints

10/16/2008 Suspect in Bus Assault arrested

10/13/2008 Media Coverage Prompts Suspect in Bus Assault to Surrender


07/31/2008 DOT calls Operation "Broken Spokes" a Success... 

07/28/2008 Sheriff Clarke Welcome COPS Children

07/24/2008 Sheriff Clarke's Remarks About OWI Sentence

07/24/2008 Sheriff Clarke Calls Drunken Driving Sentence Resulting ...

07/09/2008 Detectives Search for Missing Juvenile

07/02/2008 Injured Toddler found Alone in County Park


06/27/2008 Big Bang Arrests

06/18/2008 Updated Flood Damage Totals

06/18/2008 Disaster assistance requests directed to FEMA

06/16/2008 Emergency Management Advises Citizens to Enroll with FEMA for Financial Assistance

06/16/2008 Flood Victims Seek Financial Aide

06/08/2008 Sheriff's Disaster Hotline, (414 278-3000)


05/20/2008 Sheriff's commentson bus driver assault

05/14/2008 Suspect Assaults Bus Driver

05/06/2008 New Online Inmate Search Available   


02/15/2008 Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Investigates a Man that Jumped Off the Hoan Bridge 

02/12/2008 Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Internet Crime Tipline

02/08/2008Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputies Arrest Wrong-Way Driver for 3rd OWI Offense 

02/05/2008Winter Storm Traffic Advisory


01/29/2008Inclement Weather and Traffic Advisory

01/22/2008 Milwaukee County Sheriff's Detectives Arrest Suspect in Knife-Wielding Encounter at the Medical College of Wisconsin

01/21/2008Detectives arrest youth care worker for facilitating a child Sex crime

01/03/2008Sheriff's Elderly Abuse Unit Reports Increase in Scams Targeting Elderly 


12/31/2007 Inmate Switches Wristband

12/21/2007 November round table discussion about violent crime and justice in Milwaukee.  Click for a transcript of that discussion.

12/11/2007 Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Deploys Additional Patrol Deputies During Winter Storm 


11/21/2007Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Arrests Inmate Who Walks Away from Community Corrections Facility 

11/20/2007Milwaukee County Sheriff Launches Operation Safe Drive

11/15/2007More Tips Needed in Investigation of Fatal Accident Detectives Request Public's Help  


10/19/2007Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Helps Bring Domestic Violence Offenders to Justice

10/10/2007 Milwaukee County Sheriff's Detectives Make Arrest After Suspects Point Gun at Motorist


09/28/2007Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Targeted Enforcement Unit Resumes Bus Patrols

09/25/2007Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. Attends Ceremony to Honor Murder Victims 


08/23/2007Man Commits Suicide During Eviction By Sheriff's Deputies 

08/23/2007 Sheriff Urges Citizens to Report Storm Damage to Sheriff's Office of Emergency Management...

08/10/2007Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Investigates Golf Course Vandalism

08/09/2007 MCSO Investigation Leads to Escape Charge

08/01/2007Milwaukee County Sheriff's Detective Uncovers Scheme to Deliver Heroin to Milwaukee County Jail 


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