Life Insurance and Short-Term Disability




Life Insurance Plans:



  • Basic Life Insurance:

    • The Basic Life group plan provides term insurance of one times your annual salary.

    • The County and employee each make a contribution towards the premiums.

      • The employee contribution, if any, is deducted from your payroll check in equal premiums twice a month.

    • At the beginning of each calendar year your coverage in force is valued based upon your annual salary after the final pay period of the year rounded to the next $1,000.

      • Your payroll deductions are adjusted for any premium increases due to rate increases or increased coverage in force.



  • Optional Life Insurance:
    • Group optional life insurance is a fully insured life insurance plan. 

      • This is determined by the premium amount until the EOI form is reviewed and accepted by MetLife.

    • Any additional coverage will be pended until approved or rejected. 


You must be enrolled in Basic Life to be eligible for Optional Life Insurance.



  • Spouse and Dependent Life Insurance:

    • All employees are eligible for Spouse and/or Dependent life insurance coverage when the employee is enrolled in the basic life insurance plan.

      • Spouses may be covered in $10,000 increments up to $100,000, and the premiums are based upon age. 

    • Each child over 6 months of age may be covered in $5,000 increments up to $12,500. 

      • The premium covers all dependent children, no matter how many. 

    • Spouse and/or Dependent coverage approval is subject to the underwriting standards of the insurance plan and is not guaranteed. 



  • Enrollment and Eligibility:

    • You are eligible to enroll in life plans if you have an assigned work week of twenty (20) hours or more.

      • Some hourly employees may also be eligible to participate per their union contract.

    • You must enroll within 30 days of your date of hire, or 30 days from the date you became benefit eligible.

      • Coverage begins the first of the month following six months of continuous employment.

        • You must be actively at work on the day coverage begins. 

        • You must be enrolled in Basic Life to be eligible for other plans. 



  • Insurability:

    • Should you waive coverage under the group plan or fail to enroll within the first 30 days after hire or after becoming benefits eligible, or you fail to re-enroll within 30 days after becoming eligible after coverage lapsed for any reason, you must present evidence of insurability to apply for coverage during the next open enrollment period. 

    • On your Confirmation of Benefits Statement on if any of your coverage is marked "pended,"

      • You must submit the EOI form within 60 days directly to MetLife. 

        • You may download the EOI form from this page, the benefit system home page, or from your Confirmation of Benefits page. 

          • Your application will be evaluated by the insurance company who will advise you as to whether they will extend coverage after your eligibility period.

          • The insurance company has the right to deny coverage if you do not meet their underwriting guidelines for insurability. 

          • Coverage will be denied if you do not submit the EOI form within 60 days.



  • Beneficiary Designation:

    • You as the insured must designate a primary beneficiary for your group life insurance.

      • This is the person, persons, estate, or trust who would receive the value of your life insurance coverage in the event of your death.

        • You may name two or more individuals to share the proceeds or you may name a primary and a secondary beneficiary:

          • I.E., Someone who would receive the benefits should your primary beneficiary be deceased at the time of your death.

  • You may change your beneficiary at any time. 

    • Instructions for updating your beneficiary information may be found on this website:

    • The Benefits Division strongly urges you to keep your beneficiary designation current at all times.

      • Remember the proceeds will be paid to whomever is named on your enrollment record.  You may review this information at any time on the online enrollment system.



  • Death Benefit Claims:

    • A completed claim includes a certified copy of the death certificate.

      • In addition, if the beneficiary designation is to be an 'Estate':

        •  The personal representative must submit the necessary papers certifying that he/she has been so named by the probate court.

          • All claims must be submitted to:

Benefits Division

Courthouse, Room 210

901 N. 9th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233




  • Continuation/Conversion:
    • There are no continuation rights to either the Basic or Optional Life packages.

    • If insurance terminates due to termination of employment:

      • You have 31 days in which to convert, without Evidence of Insurability, the Basic and Optional Life in the insurance amount ( or a lesser amount ) to any individual life insurance policy then being issued by the company except Term insurance ( unless Term insurance is otherwise required by law. )



  • Retirement:

    • Your life insurance remains in force at the value of your coverage at the time of retirement.

    • Between the ages of 65 and 70 your coverage is reduced 8% of the original amount of life insurance coverage and will continue to reduce until age 70:

      • Its final deduction will reduce to one-fourth of the coverage in place at age 64.

      • This reduced benefit remains in effect for the rest of your life.

        • If you continue to work past the age of 65, the volume of your basic life insurance will be set to your salary at age 65.



  • Short-Term Disability Insurance:

    •   Milwaukee County provides a Short-Term Disability Insurance Plan through:

Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company



  • This is a fully-employee paid program with semi-monthly payroll deductions.

    • Short-Term Disability is an opportunity for you to protect yourself in case of illness or accident with an income to help cover everyday living expenses if you are not able to work. Multiple income options and policies with various elimination periods are available.

    • All benefits-eligible employees may enroll by meeting with a Colonial representative during the annual open enrollment sessions. New hires will be sent information by a Colonial representative. Any changes or terminations to your policy may only be done during the annual open enrollment period.

    • For more info about Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company's Short Term Disability Plan: Click Here






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