Emergency Planning

Planning for emergencies is just good sense!

Planning for any emergency requires considering all likely scenarios that could result when things that you rely on daily are disrupted or lost for a considerable amount of time. Such things to consider are: electricity, water, heat, air conditioning, telephone service and transportation. Most emergency management planners suggest having enough supplies to last you and your family for three to five days for weather-related events. However, many things may impact your decision, including storage space, special needs, number of people in the household, and available resources.


Questions you need to answer

  1. Do you and your family have a plan for an emergency?
  2. Will you have food, water and other essentials to get you through in the event of a lengthy power failure or in case you can't get out of your home?
  3. Do you have a relocation plan in the event that you are told to leave your home and seek shelter elsewhere?



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Be Ready for Emergencies!


How well you will take care of yourself and your family in an emergency depends on planning and preparation. 

Everyone has different needs and abilities, especially older adults. You can take steps to ensure that you will

be safe and as comfortable as possible in an emergency.  It's as easy as:







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