Electronic Recording


Electronic Recording  of Documents
Electronic recording of documents via the Internet began in the Milwaukee County Register of Deeds on July 8, 2003. Currently about 65% of documents in this office are received electronically.  On January 8, 2008 this office was the first in Wisconsin to begin eRecording deeds. Click here for JS Online article
Electronic recording does more than simply eliminate paper. It automates document examination, fee collection, image retention and data processing.
Electronic recording results in greater efficiency and better use of existing resources.  Productivity increases by minimizing time requirements, reducing costs and increasing document acceptance and accuracy.
Title companies, financial institutions, law firms and other businesses involved in real estate transactions recognize great benefits from electronic recording.  Counties reduce the manual processing effort associated with paper processing from days and weeks to just minutes.  The electronic process reduces risks for title companies and reduces post-closing costs for lenders.
If you would like to take advantage of recording documents electronically, contact one of these eRecording vendors:
Mark Moats with Simplifile.com
Phone him at (920)203-7746 or email  mark.moats@simplifile.com
Phone (866) 652-0111 or email erecording@cscglobal.com



Ben Sherman with eRecording Partners Network

Phone him at 608-616-2314 or email ben@erecordingpartners.net






In July 2009 Governor Jim Doyle appointed Mr. La Fave to serve a three-year membership on the Electronic Recording Council - Wisconsin(ERC-WI). The Council was created by legislation known as the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act. The Council is charged to develop administrative rules and guidance on implementing electronic recording of land documents by Wisconsin Registers of Deeds. 


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