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Real Estate Staff can provide assistance for visitors seeking to research recording information. They will conduct the search for a $10.00 fee.


Data and images can be accessed on the Internet at Real Estate Records Internet Access.


It takes a few weeks for a recorded paper document to be returned in the mail.


Documents that were sent to us electronically are returned electronically via the internet to the submitter.  No paper copy of an electronic document is mailed out from this office.


To inquire about a current document that has not yet been returned, call 278-4001 to check on the status of your document.  Real Estate staff will look up the documents that have not yet been mailed back.


In person, you must be here between 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM to obtain a copy of your deed on the same day. Bring the legal description of the property if you have it, such as the property tax bill.  The cost of a document is $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page. A certified copy is $1.00 additional. The total cost for most deeds will be $4.00 for a certified copy or $3.00 for a plain copy.


Through the mail, send a note with your property address, city and the name that should appear on your deed. If you do not have the exact document number of your deed, there is an additional search fee of $10.00, bringing the total cost by mail to $14.00 for a certified copy or $13.00 for a non-certified copy. Mail your request to: Real Estate Records, Register of Deeds Office, 901 N. 9th Street, Milwaukee WI 53233.


Search fees are $10.00 per item; copy fees are $2.00 for the first page of a document and $1.00 for each additional page of the same document. Certified copies are $1.00 additional for certification seal.


Notice to instructors, students and others conducting historical research:


  • Research projects can date back 80 to 100 years. These searches require significant time and are not available on the computer.  This will require the searcher and a Register of Deeds employee to read through numerous sources of data which may consume hours or days of research.
  • Therefore, Register of Deeds assistance for persons working on research projects/class assignments is only available for those who have scheduled an appointment with our Real Estate Records Research section in Room G-6.
  • Make an appointment either by phoning 414-278-4001 or send an email to       


Phone: 414-278-4000







NOTICE:  Eventually the will no longer be functional. The data contained in been added to the Laredo and Tapestry internet access programs at


This data of older information is primarily of interest to title company professionals.

  • Assignments & Releases
  • Federal Tax Liens (FTL)
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Subdivision (this older data has not yet been added to Laredo/Tapestry but will be soon)


Instructions for searching this data in Laredo/Tapestry:


Mortgages, Assignments, Releases

A new Search Group was added to Laredo for the Mortgages, Assignments, and Release reels. This group was abbreviated as ‘MTG ASSGN REL REEL’. This group can be used in conjunction with a Reel (document) number. However the group is not required, and Reel numbers can be searched directly.


Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation from the website were assigned to the existing ‘ARTICLES OF INC’ Search Group. Since those records were not given ‘document numbers’ on the county website, it is highly unlikely that any users will be searching via document number, even though it is technically an option. Use of the ‘ARTICLES OF INC’ search group in conjunction with a Business (party) name will yield the best search results.


Federal Tax Liens

Federal Tax Liens from the website were assigned to the existing ‘FEDERAL TAX LIEN’ Search Group. These can be searched using any combination of Search Group, document number, or party name.

Because of the duplicated lien numbers from the website, and the changed formatting of the lien (document) numbers, it might be easiest to search by using the lien number (without any additional formatting) as the starting document number, and using the same number with a ‘Z’ following it as an ending number. This workaround will cause Laredo to display the following warning message: “This Document Number range is possibly invalid, are you sure you want to Search for it?” Simply click ‘Yes’ to complete the search.


Digital Reel

Digital Reel is a copy of a Grantor/Grantee Index by tax key number, that the Milwaukee City Tax Assessor maintained from the 1920's thru 1989.

To view it on-line, click on Digital Reel.


If you have questions or need assistance, phone 278-4001.









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