Real Estate Records Internet Access




Real Estate Records Internet Access

Internet access to real estate records

The same indexng data and images that can be viewed on the public terminals in Register of Deeds can now be accessed from your home or office computer.


Two options are available


Laredo - for the frequent user

Laredo is designed for the professional user who needs to access information very frequently.  Laredo is a subscription-based service with a monthly fee paid to the Milwaukee County Register of Deeds for access to only Milwaukee County real estate records.  The fee is $600 per month for a license/password.  Contact Teresa Sarnowski in Room 103 to set up an account with Milwaukee County.  Her phone number is 414-278-4011.  Visit the Laredo web site at


Tapestry - for the occasional user

Tapestry is designed for the occasional user who has some understanding of real estate documents.  Tapestry can be accessed at


Tapestry provides information from all participating counties.  Payment is made by credit card to the Tapestry web site.  All searches cost $6.95 each.  The cost for printing one page of each document is $1.50 and additional pages are  $1.00 each.


Milwaukee County Register of Deeds property information is available from:


Grantor, Grantee and Tract Index begins 8/1/1962


Document images begins 8/1/1962


Deed images only are available from 4/5/1949 through 7/31/1962


Deeds are indexed back to 02/8/1954

Images of Deed Volumes are available back to 1835.  For assistance as to how to search the Deed Volumes, phone 414-278-4001.



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