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11-18-2014 Abele Proposes Budget Compromise That Will Add Transit and Deputies...

As part of a significant compromise, County Executive Abele approved the majority of the Board’s 59 amendments and, through the veto process, he is proposing compromises that will improve services and lower property taxes.

10-31-2014 County Employee Named Mental Health Advocate of the Year

A Milwaukee County employee has been named the “2014 Advocate of the Year” by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

10-01-2014 County Executive Chris Abele introduces 2015 Recommended Budget

County Executive Abele’s 2015 Recommended Budget fixes a $32 million structural deficit, lowers debt, improves services like transit, mental health, parks, highways and public safety and does it all without raising taxes.

County Executive Abeles veto will save 28 million over five years

If Supervisors sustain the veto they will help save $28 million dollars over five years and help ensure the viability of a program that provides help to frail, elderly and disabled residents across eight counties.

03-10-2014 County Executive Abele Proposes Transit Compromise

Supervisors, I am writing you today hoping we can reach a compromise on the transit situation.

11-20-2013 County Executive Abele’s Vetoes Lower Property Taxes and Increase Rainy Day Fund

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele is issuing vetoes to the 2014 Budget that will lower property taxes $1.6 million while adding $2 million to the Debt Service Reserve, the County’s rainy day fund.

04-04-2013 Joint Finance Committee Testimony on the 2013-15 State Budget

I am grateful for the hard work the Governor and all of you have and will put into this process. However, there are some provisions of the proposed budget that I want to encourage you to rethink.

04-15-2013 Joint Letter to Wisconsin Legislature Requesting Transit Funding Increase

Restoration of funding cuts and maintaining transit system funding from the Transportation Fund are critical to maintaining dependable service for the workers, employers and students in Milwaukee County.

04-16-2012 County Executive Abele Welcomes New County Board

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele welcomes the new Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. The new board will be sworn in Monday, April 16, 2012.

04-16-2012 County Executive Abele Welcomes New County Board Chair

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele released the following statement Monday afternoon on the new County Board Chair.

04-24-2012 Milwaukee County Executive Abele's Inauguration Address

Thank you Hector and Bishop McClelland for your kind words and important reflections and thank you Chief Judge Jeffery Kremers for administering the Oath of Office and for your thoughtful leadership in the Courts.

08-07-2012 County Executive Abele statement about shooting in Oak Creek

County Executive Abele released this statement today in response to the shooting at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek.

09-18-2012 Testimony of County Executive Chris Abele, to U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary

Chairman Durbin, Ranking Member Graham, and members of the Subcommittee.

09-27-2012 Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s 2013 Budget Address

When I decided to run for office two years ago, I did so because I knew we had to do better in Milwaukee County government. I know that if we are afraid to make big changes then Milwaukee County will not be around for our children and certainly not for generations after.

8-30-2013 Statement on MAM/WMC Deal

The Board's plan puts Milwaukee County on a less sustainable path and unnecessarily spends tax dollars. However, in the interest of moving forward, I am returning it unsigned and will take this opportunity to reiterate my concerns.

8-6-13 Milwaukee County Negotiating to Improve Transit System

The Milwaukee County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) is negotiating with MV Transportation, Inc. to take over the management of the Milwaukee County transit system. The following questions and answers clarify the way forward as we move towards this management change.

9-18-2013 Milwaukee County Offers Help in ACA Enrollment

Milwaukee County is taking a proactive approach to help people understand and enroll in health plans as the Affordable Healthcare Care Act (ACA) is rolled out October 1st.

9-26-2013 County Executive Chris Abele 2014 Budget Address

My 2014 Proposed Budget does not include a tax increase and continues to lower the County’s massive long term debt, features more than ten million dollars in new and repurposed public safety funding.



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