Employment Policies

 Employment Policies




The Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Law (FMLA) went into effect April 26, 1988

  • The Division of Human Resources coordinates the development of a wide variety of policies governing the relationship of Milwaukee County as an employer among and between its' individual  employees. 

  • The Federal Family and Medical Leave Act went into effect August 5, 1993.

  • The purpose of the laws is to provide unpaid leave to eligible employees for specific reasons and to protect those employees' jobs and certain  benefits while on leave. Substitution of paid leave may be allowed (State Law) or required (Federal Law). The purpose of this policy is to comply with the FMLA laws.


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In Addition;


Responsibilities with respect to Affirmative Action & Equal Employment Opportunity (AA/EEO) are as Follows:

  • Ensure that the diversity of Milwaukee County residents is reflected in the County's workforce to the extent of their availability with the requisite skills needed for each County position;

  • Reflect both vertical and horizontal integration in the County's workforce and within each department;

  • Provide a framework for defensible analysis of the workforce and determination of the need for special affirmative action efforts to increase representation where there is underutilization of women and minorities;

  • Monitor all hiring practices to ensure compliance with all Federal and State Laws and County Ordinances;

  • Report all workforce statistics and AA/EEO compliance efforts to the County Board, State & Federal Government;

  • Respond to and investigate complaints of discrimination from County employees;

  • Develop and coordinate the efforts of all departmental Affirmative Action Committees and Representatives, especially in the update of departmental annual affirmative action plans;

  • Identify & coordinate affirmative action training for AA/EEO representatives and designees, committees, managers, supervisors & employees;

  • Plan and deliver quarterly affirmative action meetings designed to augment committee members' knowledge of AA/EEO issues.




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Milwaukee County is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer that is actively seeking qualified applicants for various positions throughout County government. Milwaukee County does not discriminate based on age, ancestry/national origin, arrest/conviction record, color, creed, disability, marital status, military membership, race, sex or sexual orientation.


If special accommodations are needed, please contact 414-278-4143

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