Process Service


 Process Service

Process Service

The Office of the Sheriff, by State Statute, is responsible for the service of legal process in Milwaukee County. Deputy Sheriff's are assigned to the Process Division and are responsible for the timely service of subpoenas, restraining orders, injunctions, summons and complaints and a number of other legal documents.


*** Effective Sunday, January 1, 2017***, there will be an increase in fees for the following civil process types:

All legal papers, (T.R.O.'s, Harassment) - $75.00 

·  Evictions/Foreclosures - $175.00 (this includes a $55.00 process fee.)

·  Eviction hourly rate - $60.00 (per deputy sheriff (maximum 2))

·  Evictions/Foreclosures - Return without Service - $85.00. 

·  Writ of Replevin - $150.00

·  Execution of Property - $75.00

The service fee for most general civil process papers  which will cover up to the first three (3) attempts.


To begin process service, send the original and one copy of all legal documents along with the required fee (check or money order) and a self-addressed, stamped return envelope to:


Office of the Sheriff - Civil Process Cashiers
821 W. State Street

    Safety Building Rm 102

  Milwaukee, WI 53233

     Phone 414-278-5030   

Fax: 414-223-1870

Papers and other process service including evictions can be processed in person. 


The Civil Process Division is located in the Safety Building, Room 102, windows 3 through 5.

Papers will be processed Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm at the cashiers window. A status of indigent report is required to waive the service fee.

The hours of operation for Evictions Process are Monday through Friday 8:00 am-4:00 pm. Evictions are handled at window 6. For more information call 278-4443.

For questions specific to your case, please call the Process desk at 414-278-5030.




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