Budget Timeline

Budget Timeline

March Through May

DAS-PSB develops budget assumptions for the upcoming fiscal year. Tax levy targets are submitted to the operating departments. Budget instructions and forms are submitted to department administrators. 


Early May

Capital Budget requests are submitted by County agencies to the Department of Administrative Services-Facilities Management Division.


July 1-15

Operating Budget requests and revenue estimates are submitted by County agencies to DAS-PSB.



Department Administrators present the programmatic impacts of their budgetary requests. The Department of Administrative Services and the County Executive review agency budget submittals.



The County Executive holds listening sessions to solicit input from the public.


August 15th

DAS-PSB submits to the County Board a summary of requested budgets.


No Later than October 1

County Executive presents to the County Board the Executive Budget for the subsequent year. This is then referred to the Board’s Finance & Audit Committee for review and recommendation.


October 1 to 1st Week in November

Finance & Audit Committee reviews the County Executive Budget.


November - Not later than the first Monday in the Month

County Board public hearing on Budget, inviting members of general public to comment on the Executive Budget and Finance & Audit Committee changes to date.


Monday after First Thursday in November

County Board annual meeting and the adoption of the Budget and tax levies. During this meeting, the County Board acts on the amendments and recommendations submitted by the Finance & Audit Committee relative to the County Executive’s Budget as well as amendments submitted by individual County Board members.


January 1 of the Following Year

Departments translate Budget to public services.

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