2016 Adopted Budget

The 2016 Milwaukee County Adopted Operating Budget information can be viewed by clicking on the above links. It should be noted that the Budget Narrative is a large document in pdf format and may take a few minutes to download. For the first few days after the October 1st publication, the download time may be increased due to high volume usage. It will be faster and may be more convenient to view the individual departmental budgets of interest by clicking on the links below.
Legislative and Executive Function
General Government Function
Administrative Function
Courts and Judiciary Function
Public Safety Function
Transportation Function
Health and Human Services Function
Recreation and Culture Function
General County Debt Service
1800 - NON-DEPARTMENTAL REVENUES This title is a link which incorporates information on the following:
  • Unclaimed Money (1901)
  • Land Sales (1933)
  • Potawatomi Allocation (1937)
  • Medicare Part D Revenue (1969)
  • State Shared Taxes (1993)
  • State Exempt Computer Aid (1994)
  • County Sales Tax Revenue (1996)
  • Surplus from Prior Years (1998)
  • Other Miscellaneous Revenue (1999)
  • Property Taxes (1991) (NOTE:  This listing is also a link which contains additional information. Please click on it to view.)
1900 - CULTURAL CONTRIBUTIONS This title is a link which incorporates information on the following:
  • Fund for the Arts (CAMPAC)  (1974)
  • Milwaukee County Historical Society (1908)
  • Milwaukee County Federated Library System  (1966)
  • Marcus Center (1916)
  • Milwaukee Public Museum (9700)
  • Charles Allis & Villa Terrace Museums (1915)
  • War Memorial Center (1914)
  • Milwaukee Art Museum (1917)
1940 - OTHER  This title is a link which incorporates information on the following:
  • Civil Air Patrol (1913)
  • Human Resource and Payroll System (1921)
  • Offset to Internal Service Charges (1930)
  • Charges to Other County Organization Units (1935)
  • Appropriation for Contingencies (1945)
  • Litigation Reserve (1961)
  • Law Enforcement Grants (1975)
  • Capital Outlay/Depreciation Contra (1985)

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