Rules, Statutes and Ordinances

»What Rules, Ordinances and Statutes govern the Personnel Review Board?


 Rules of Procedure, Ordinances and Statutes

The Personnel Review Board is governed by Chapter 33 of the Milwaukee County General Ordinances.  This ordinance provides the authority for the Personnel Review Board Rules of Procedure


The Personnel Review Board conducts public hearings for employee disciplinary issues under the provisions of Civil Service Rule VII, Section 4; Chapter 59.26 Wisconsin Statutes for Sheriff, Undersheriff and Deputies; Chapter 59.52(8) Wisconsin Statutes for the Civil Service System; Chapter 63.10 Wisconsin Statutes for Demotion, Dismissal and Procedure; and Chapter 63.12 Wisconsin Statutes for Investigations, Testimonial Powers and Witnesses. 


The Personnel Review Board presides over the final step of Non-Represented employee grievances under Chapter 17.207 of the Milwaukee County General Ordinances.


The Personnel Review Board acts as Hearing Examiner for charges filed by the Milwaukee County Ethics Board under Chapter 9 of the Milwaukee County General Ordinances.


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