Organizational Units

  Organizational Units





 Department of Human Resources Overview

  • Human Resources (HR) is building a total rewards environment with a high-performing workforce at Milwaukee County in order to:

    • Enhance service

    • Build quality and efficiency and

    • Attract and retain top talent.

  • HR’s top priorities include:  

    • Developing programs and practices for competitive compensation

    • Maintaining cost-effective yet competitive employee and retiree benefit plans

    • Fostering diversity and inclusion

    • Encouraging a healthy work-life balance

    • Promoting continued career development

    • Building management and leadership competency and accountability across the County

    • Maintaining an appropriate balance between employee and management rights

    • Improving internal communications and

    • Rewarding employees for their results and service.




 Director's Office

  • Develops and drives overall long-term vision for HR

  • Partners with executive leaders to develop human capital solutions for Milwaukee County, including overall workforce planning and talent management

  • Leads key County “people” initiatives and administers all HR programs

  • Assists County departments in identifying strategies for organizational and staff development

  • Facilitates HR staff’s achievement of goals, professional development, and overall service to the County


Compensation & Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

  • Develops, manages, and administers competitive and innovative compensation programs designed to attract, engage, and retain employees

  • Creates equitable and market-appropriate compensation strategies that help to build a high-performing work environment across Milwaukee County

  • Manages HR Systems and confidential employee data and reviews and recommends pay ranges for all new or modified positions

  • Works to ensure consistent practice for all aspects of positions including titles, content, descriptions, market competitive pay, internal equity, and compliance


 Employee Relations

  • Maintains productive workplace relationships, improves the overall work environment and ultimately assists business units with achieving results

  • Develops performance management tools, delivers training, and provides coaching and counseling to both employees and management staff

  • Connects employees and managers with a wide array of HR services

  • Develops and shares best practices regarding hiring methodologies and interviewing techniques

  • Mitigates employment-related risk for Milwaukee County by:

    • Addressing workplace conflict or concerns,

    • Conducting investigations,

    • Coaching managers on employee matters, and

    • Collaborating with Corporation Counsel on legal matters.

  • Negotiates all collective bargaining agreements and prepares Federal EEO reports


 Talent Aquisition & HR Operations

  • Develops, administers, and monitors the recruitment and selection process at Milwaukee County      

  • Focuses on building a high-performing organization through seeking the best possible talent to serve our community by: 

    • Sourcing candidates,

    • Attending recruitment events such as job fairs,

    • Posting job vacancies,

    • Assessing applicant qualifications,

    • Developing and administering applicant tests, and

    • Distributing lists of qualified candidates to department heads and hiring managers.

  • Coordinates pre-employment activities such as:

    • Applicant drug testing,

    • Physical screens, and

    • Background assessments.

  • Facilitates our centralized New Employee Orientation program

  • Processes Unemployment Compensation claims and Open Record Requests


 Learning & Development and Diversity

  • Sustains a learning environment that encourages employees and leaders to develop their skills and abilities, creating career growth and opportunity at Milwaukee County

  • Coordinates management development courses such as:

    • Leadership Excellence Program

    • Management Development Certification Program

  • Manages the Learning Management System (LMS) which serves as the central repository for the announcement, registration, approval, tracking, on-line materials and certification for learning throughout Milwaukee County

  • Leads Milwaukee County’s diversity efforts by heading the Diversity Committee, striving to honor inclusion, as well as advocating for education, awareness, acceptance, and outreach in the workplace and community


 Benefits & HR Metrics

  • Manages the administration, enrollment, and ongoing employee support for all non-pension benefit plans including:

    • Active employee and retiree medical and life insurance,

    • Dental,

    • Supplemental Disability, and

    • Wellness

  • Develops plan design and benefits options and makes recommendations as a part of the County's overall Total Rewards strategy

  • Executes ongoing audits to maintain the integrity of the enrollment data

  • Ensures compliance with all regulations governing benefit plans

  • Develops and analyzes HR data to support County leaders in making strategic decisions


 Retirement Plan Services

  • Manages the Milwaukee County Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) that provides a system of

    • Monthly Pension Benefits

    • Disability Benefits

    • Survivor Benefits

  • Transitions active Milwaukee County employees to retirement by:

    • Determining eligibility,

    • Performing benefits calculations,

    • Delivering consistent and accurate information while conducting individual retirement sessions,

    • Generating payments, and

    • Supporting service referrals.

  • Develops and implements communication plans to ensure all employees and retirees have the resources they need to make informed retirement choices

  • Improves operational effectiveness with the goal of reducing ongoing reprogramming and maintenance costs associated with a hosted pension system

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