Organizational Units

 Organizational Units Overview



Division of Human Resources:

  • The Division of Human Resources, located in Room 210 of the Courthouse, was established by State Statute to administer the personnel related functions of the various County departments.

  • DHR is committed to providing quality service to County departments and the general public, including an equitable and effective system for the recruitment, classification, compensation, development and retention of a talented, skilled and culturally diversified workforce.

  • At all times, DHR will assure strict adherence to Federal, State and County laws, regulations and policies related to human resources and affirmative action.

  • DHR is comprised of three operating units:  the Director's Office, Compensation and Employment and Staffing.


Director's Office:

  • Administers Human Resources Programs, assigns projects, and coordinates the work of the HR coordinators and managers located in various departments throughout Milwaukee County.

  • Assists County departments in identifying resources for training and staff development.

  • Prepares the Affirmative Action reports, receives employee complaints related to Title VII, submits the annual departmental budget; presents all department recommendations to the Civil Service Commission and the Personnel Committee of the County Board.

  • Serves as staff to the Personnal Committee; analyzes and reports on legislation affecting the human resource function in Milwaukee County.

  •  Directs the implementation of the automated Human Resources Information System (HRIS), including the Ceridian Recruitment System (CRS) and provides analysis, recommendations, and implementation of new approaches to human resource/human capital administration. 

  • The Director of Human Resources serves as secretary of the Civil Service Commission


Employment & Staffing:

  • Develops, administers and monitors employee selection processes for all positions in the Milwaukee County classified service. and, upon request, for positions in the unclassified service. 

  • This effort includes the assessment of job specifications and minimum qualifications; the development and administration of applicant examinations; and the certification of qualified candidiates to department heads and appointing authorities. 

  • Implicit in this activity is the responsibility of administering employee selection and related procedures in compliance with prevailing Milwaukee County, State, Federal and Civil Service rules and parameters. 

  • In addition, this section is responsible for activities supporting the recruiting of employees within the Milwaukee County Classified Service, as well as the maintenance of appropriate records, applicant tracking and reports.

  •  This unit coordinates recruitment efforts and processes transfers, layoffs, reclassifications and reinstatements


Compensation Unit:

  • Studies requests for salary reallocations and changes in compensation policies and practices and estimates the fiscal impact of these actions. 

  • This unit also maintains the classification system, performs job analyses, maintains salary provisions mandated by labor contracts or County Ordinances,

  • Implements provisions of the Executive Compensation Plan, and prepares recommendations reflecting various compensation related policies such as the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA)


Department of Employee Relations:

  • This Department negotiates and administers all collective bargaining agreements

  • This Department also establishes Labor Relations training programs for supervisory staff and

  • Conducts all procedures ordered by the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission, U.S. Department of Labor, or the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.



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