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As part of our commitment to provide citizens with efficient convenient service, Milwaukee County has contracted with Point & Pay* to offer payment of delinquent property taxes and fees over the Internet and by telephone. For online payments, Point & Pay charges 2.39% of the total amount as a convenience fee for credit or debit card charges, and a flat fee of $1.50 for E-Checks.


The Milwaukee County Treasurer's Online Inquiry and Payment system allows customers to search, view, and pay delinquent property taxes online.


Click Here For Online Inquiry Or Payment  


Records on this site reflect all unpaid delinquent property taxes, penalties, and interest fees for the properties listed.  Parcels in bankruptcy are not subject to foreclosure action or to any collection process except as permitted by federal bankruptcy law.


Recent payments may not be reflected on this site until one business day after the payment was made.


This site includes properties with and without unpaid delinquent property taxes. Properties with no delinquent property tax will show a zero balance when viewing the details.


If you disagree with the property tax data listed on this site, please notify the Milwaukee County Treasurer's Office at (414) 278-4033.

*Point & Pay is not a branch, office or department of Milwaukee County. Milwaukee County receives no part of the convenience fees charged by Point & Pay.



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