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  February 24, 2014 - Mayor Barrett's State of the City Address


 February 7, 2014 - Tom Kertscher's "PolitiFact" on Sheriff Clarke's comments made during interview on residency is more fiction than fact. Listen to the interview for his full response to reporter Don Walker.  Sheriff doesn't claim the entire bill is city tax as Kertscher states.


 November 13, 2013 - Milwaukee is Dying the Death of a Thousand Cuts: Is There a Doctor in the House?  MPS chart


October 31, 2013 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Misrepresents sheriff's park patrol stats in "editori-a-lie."


October 29, 2013 - Squad dash cam video of pursuit of drunken driver.  DUI-3rd crashes, car goes airborne and strikes squad's front window, injuring deputy.

 October 29, 2013 - Squad dash cam of second squad involved in pursuit, crashing into attenuator barrels and debris from drunken driver crash.

 October 29, 2013 - Squad dash cam from third squad, showing first two squads involved in crash caused by drunken driver.




- Sheriff Clarke received his master’s degree in Security Studies from U.S Navy Vice Admiral Richard W. Hunt at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California in September 2013. Click here to read NPS news release.
Vice Admiral Hunt received his BS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1975 and a Master of Science in Telecommunications Systems Management in 1988 from the Naval Postgraduate School. 

- August 2013

 Sheriff Clarke appears on Geraldo Rivera's Fox News program to discuss the stop and frisk law:

Segment 1 - Geraldo Rivera introduction to the segment on the stop and frisk law

Segment 2 - Sheriff Clarke states the activist judge's decision is not grounded in law and will not stand

Segment 3 - Discussion on racial profiling

Segment 4 - Final comments on racial profiling


- Sheriff Clarke sat on a panel at Community Brainstorming on Saturday, June 22.  The topic for discussion centered on the 2nd Amendment and the black community in Milwaukee.  Read more here. 


- Letter from Milwaukee resident in support of Sheriff Clarke. The writer noted that he sent it as a letter to the editor, but he only sees negative letters printed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


- County Board committee votes 4 to 3 to silence Sheriff Clarke on personal safety announcements.  Read Supervisor Alexander's news release detailing the hypocrisy of some of her colleagues on the board.  Click here.


- M Magazine, Milwaukee's premier lifestyle magazine, features a cover and profile story on Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.  Read the article here.  


- May 2013 - Click here to listen to Sheriff Clarke's third personal safety announcement.

 Text of message:

 I’m Sheriff Clarke. To avoid being a victim of crime you don’t have to be the toughest or fastest person on the block. Your age and gender don’t matter either. Here’s what’s important…attention to your surroundings is critical…recognize the threat… know who’s around you when walking down the street, getting into your car or going into your home. And if you smell trouble??? Trust your instincts…be decisive…use the element of surprise against your attacker, and most importantly, be ruthless in your response.  Are you ready?


-May 17, 2013 - The Milwaukee County Board Supervisor Pat Jursik proposes an ordinance aimed at Sheriff Clarke to prohibit his Public Safety Announcements.  Read the ordinance here.


- May 3, 2013 - Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. and members of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office command gather outside Hi-Mount Boulevard Community School for a wreath-laying ceremony marking the 11th anniversary of the disappearance of Alexis Patterson. They are joined by The Reverend Don Darius Butler, MCSO Associate Chaplain and Pastor of Tabernacle Community Baptist Church in Milwaukee.The school, at 49th and Garfield in Milwaukee's Washington Heights neighborhood, was attended by Alexis, a 7-year-old and a first-grader, when she vanished on May 3, 2002. Sheriff Clarke continues to plea that anyone having information regarding Alexis Patterson contact the Milwaukee Police Cold Case Hotline at 414.935.1212 or the Milwaukee Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center at 414.278.4788. Information leading to the return of Alexis, or those responsible for her abduction, remain eligible for a $10,000 reward from the Sheriff's Office.  Click to view picture of ceremony.


- May 1, 2013 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article and statement from Sheriff Clarke on judge's ruling to shift control of the County Correctional Facility-South (formerly the House of Correction) away from the Sheriff's Office.  Read article and statement here.


- April 9, 2013 - Read Charlie Sykes' take on a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about an audit regarding the Sheriff's Office:  At what cost would these savings come? 


- March 7, 2013 - An undercover deputy was able to get a gun through six court complex security screening checkpoints recently.  The County Executive's Office oversees court complex security.  Sheriff Clarke has called attention to County Executive Abele about problems with the Milwaukee County Courthouse Complex security since 2011.  Read the letter the sheriff sent the county executive in Nov. 2011 with recommendations on improving security.  The letter was ignored, and the sheriff sent out a release in Nov. 2011.  Read letter here.  Read release. 


- March 4, 2013 - Letter from Sheriff Clarke to Senator Lindsey Graham regarding testimony of Chief Flynn on Feb. 26.  Read the letter here.


- March 2013 - Click here to listen to Sheriff Clarke's second personal safety public service announcement

   Text of message:


This is Sheriff David Clarke. Violent crime went up nearly 10% in Milwaukee. Are you the next victim? You don’t have to be! But that’s your call.
Armed criminals are being put back on the street by a soft-on-crime court system even before the ink dries on police reports. Are you prepared to handle a life or death threat?
Wisconsin’s Personal Protection Act now gives you the same advantage that I have. Now it’s the crook who has to wonder what you might do. It can be a great equalizer… but you always have to think survival… Remember, it’s you and me now.
- February 26, 2013 - Sheriff Clarke on the Sean Hannity Show with rape victim Amanda Collins.  Listen to the segment - Part 1.   Segment Part 2.


January 2013 - Click here to listen to Sheriff Clarke's personal safety public service announcement

   Text of message:

   I’m Sheriff David Clarke, and I want to talk to you about something personal…your safety. It’s no longer a spectator sport; I need you in the game, but are you ready? With officers laid-off and furloughed, simply calling 9-1-1 and waiting is no longer your best option. You can beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back; but are you prepared? Consider taking a certified safety course in handling a firearm so you can defend yourself until we get there. You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We’re partners now. Can I count on you?


 Comic strip shows reaction to the personal safety message.  Click here to view.


- January 28, 2013 - Milw.Journal Sentinel Poll: Is Sheriff Clarke right to call for citizens to arm themselves for self defense?  Click here for poll results


-  December 19, 2012 - National topic - gun control:

-  September 27, 2012 - MCSO Awards Ceremony.  Click here to read about this year's awardees.



Sheriff Clarke made an appearance on Geraldo Rivera's Fox News "Geraldo at Large" program to discuss the stop-and-frisk law and racial profiling. Segment 1. Segment 2. Segment 3. Closing comment-Segment 4.

News Releases

04/22/2014 Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week, April 21-25

04/20/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 7 Arrests, 2 Repeat Offenders

04/13/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 12 Arrests, 3 Repeat Offenders

04/11/2014 Credit Card Scam Diverting Calls to 911 Systems

04/10/2014 Charges Filed Against Cudahy Man; Barricaded Subject Fired Shots (Read Criminal Complaint)

04/09/2014 A Tale of Two Milwaukees - Statement from Sheriff Clarke on this week's fatal shooting of a 29-year-old woman on Center Street

04/06/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 14 Arrests

03/31/2014 Sheriff Clarke Interview with WisPolitics this Week

03/30/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 11 Arrests

03/27/2014 Information Sought on Fleeing Vehicle

03/27/2014 Sheriff Calls for Milwaukee Board of School Directors to Make Process Selection of Next Superintendent Open to the Public

03/26/2014 Results from Operation Manhunt Warrant Sweep for Drunken Drivers

03/26/2014 Deputies Arrest Hit and Run Driver for DUI-5th

03/26/2014 Sheriff Response to Rep. Barnes' Statement on Status of Black Families

03/25/2014 Suspect Strikes Correctional Officer in Booking Room

03/25/2014 Sheriff Suggests Additional Preventive Measures for Wrong-way Driver Problem

                      WisDOT Forms Joint Milwaukee County Freeway Safety Task Force

03/25/2014 G4S Inmate Transport Van in Rollover Crash

03/23/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 7 Arrests

03/18/2014 Sheriff Clarke: Setting the Record Straight on MCSO Budget Editorial

03/18/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 19 Arrests, St. Patrick's Day Weekend Stats

03/17/2014 DA Reconsiders Case, Charges Filed Against County Cashier

03/16/2014 Deputies Arrest Man for DUI-7th

03/11/2014 Journal Sentinel Continues Their Pattern of Assault on Women and Minorities

03/10/2014 County Cashier Pilfers Money from Cash Register, DA Recommends No Criminal Charges

03/09/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 13 Arrests

03/03/2014 Deputy's Squad Struck on Freeway 8th Squad Struck Since December

03/02/2014 Operation Drive Sober - 3 arrests, one a DUI-5th offender in freeway crash

02/25/2014 Correctional Officers Attacked by Inmate

02/23/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 8 Arrests

02/19/2014 Deputies Arrest Drunken Driver for DUI-5th

02/18/2014 Thornton's Departure Announced, Sheriff Calls for Barrett to Take Control of MPS

02/17/2014 Detectives Identify, Track, Arrest Subject in $20,000 Mitchell Airport Theft

02/17/2014 Motorist Rear-ends Squad at Crash Scene, Injures Deputy

02/16/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 6 Arrests

02/14/2014 Report of Man with Firearm Near Courthouse

02/13/2014 Squad Struck at Crash Scene, Deputy Injured

02/11/2014 Sheriff to Attend 65th Annual Exchange Club of Milwaukee Crime Prevention Awards Luncheon

02/09/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 10 Arrests

02/05/2014 CO Charged for Videotaping Women in Locker Room at Jail (View Criminal Complaint)

02/04/2014 Sheriff Releases 2-Year Report on Analysis of Wrong-way Drivers (View Analysis Report)

02/02/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 7 Arrests

01/30/2014 Deputies Arrest Wrong-Way Drunken Driver on Freeway

01/30/2014 Correctional Officer, Previously Recommended for Firing by the Sheriff, Arrested for Using Hidden Camera (Update: CO Resigns)

01/29/2014 Sheriff Calls City Residency Decision "Best Day in Milwaukee History"

01/28/2014 Sheriff Calls Frivolous Lawsuit an Attack on Women in Law Enforcement

01/26/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 5 Arrests, Two Wrong-Way Drivers

01/21/2014 Truck and Two Cars Crash on Freeway

01/20/2014 Deputies Arrest Man for 5th DUI Offense

01/20/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 10 Arrests

01/17/2014 Correctional Officer Charged in Sex Assaults of Inmate (Criminal Complaint)

01/17/2014 Deputies Injured When Squad Struck on Freeway

01/15/2014 Citizens Receive $1000 Rewards for Tips Leading to Arrest of Felons

01/13/2014 Good Samaritan Transit Supervisor Reinstated

01/12/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 4 Arrests

01/10/2014 Deputies Arrest Man for 5th DUI-Drugs Offense

01/09/2014 Sheriff's Office Investigates Death at Airport

01/08/2014 Sheriff Clarke to Join Ald. Donovan to Honor Actions of Former Transit Worker Who Came to Aid of Woman

01/06/2014 Deputies Arrest Wrong Way Drunken Driver-DUI-4th Felony

01/05/2014 Pipe Bursts Causing Flooding at Children's Court Center

01/05/2014 Operation Drive Sober Results in 5 Arrests

01/03/2014 Sheriff's Advisory for People Traveling to Sunday's Packers Game

01/03/2014 Traffic Advisory for Motorists Life-threatening Cold Weather Conditions

01/01/2014 Deputies Arrest 13 Drunken Drivers During New Year's Eve Enforcement

12/30/2013 Sheriff's Apprehension Unit Captures HOC Inmate Who Escaped From Custody

12/30/2013 Wrong Way Driver on Highway 794

12/30/2013 Sheriff Clarke Urges Citizens to Celebrate Responsibly on New Year's Eve

12/29/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 5 Arrests

12/26/2013 Sheriff Calls County Transit Decision to Fire Transit Worker Who Came to the Aid of a Woman Being Beaten Shameful and Misguided

12/23/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 4 Arrests

12/16/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 7 Arrests

12/14/2013 Deputy Stops Wrong-way Drunken Driver on I-43

12/11/2013 Four Standing at Crash Scene Struck by Another Vehicle

12/08/2013 Fatal Crash on I-43 at Hwy 100

12/08/2013 Operation Drive Sober Results in 6 Arrests

12/06/2013 Arrests for Lewd and Lascivious Behavior in County Parks

12/06/2013 Sheriff's Deputies, Other Law Enforcement Agencies Volunteer for 7th Annual "Shop With a Cop" Saturday

12/02/2013 Sheriff Clarke Activates Operation Safe Drive During Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend




Accident Report Lookup

Crashes investigated by the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office are now available. In a continuing effort to improve customer service, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. is using technology to make information more accessible to the public. The new accident report website allows a citizen to locate and print a copy of an accident report completed by the investigating deputy.  Citizens should allow approximately five working days from the date of the crash for the report to be available on the site.

Click here for the Accident Report Lookup website

Snow Emergency / Crash Reporting

Report an accident that occurred on the Milwaukee County Freeway System within 24 hours

Click here to access the form

Citizen Complaint Form

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing a culture of service that delivers customer satisfaction to its citizens.  We expect our employees to be courteous and professional at all times.  For quality assurance, we have developed an electronic citizen complaint form for your convenience. We value your feedback. 

Complaints submitted through this format are forwarded directly to the Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs Division for review and investigation.  Please provide us with as much information as possible.  An officer from Internal Affairs will contact you regarding your complaint.  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke thanks you for taking the time to tell us about your concerns.  Your input is a valuable tool that we use in order to provide the exceptional service that you -- the taxpayer -- pay for and should expect.

Click here for the Citizen Complaint Form

Inmate Search

As part of a continuing effort to improve customer service, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. is using available technology to make the Sheriff’s Office user-friendly and even more accessible to the public.  The inmate search program allows a citizen to find out if an inmate is in custody in the downtown Milwaukee County Jail.
Click here to access the inmate search