Office of the County Treasurer



The County Treasurer acts as the County's banker, receiving and disbursing all funds as provided by state law and county ordinances; providing for daily cash requirements of Milwaukee County, and investing public funds not used for daily operations. The Treasurer's Office also collects delinquent property or real estate taxes in Milwaukee County's 18 suburban municipalities as required by State Statutes. The County Treasurer also maintains property tax data that is accessible to the public at the Courthouse office.


Mission Statement: The Office of County Treasurer will provide prompt and highly quality financial services to support the overall operation of Milwaukee County government for the benefit of its citizens.


Milwaukee County Treasurer: Daniel J. Diliberti


Office Hours: Monday through Friday 

                          8:00 a.m.  –  4:00 p.m. 


Address:   Milwaukee County Courthouse Room 102

                    901 North 9th Street 

                    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233


Office Telephone: 414-278-4033


Office Fax: 414-223-1383 


To contact the Treasurer's Office, please click here.