Menomonee River Parkway Renewal

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Project Documents (below)  |  Newsletter: Update March 17, 2015

The Milwaukee County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Culture will reconstruct 4.6 miles of parkway between Congress and Church Streets in 2015. The project presents a rare opportunity to RETHINK the function of the parkway and to RENEW its recreational significance.


Work Slated to Begin on Phase One Parkway Renewal

The new year is here and with it, a new update for the reconstruction of the Menomonee River Parkway. The schedule calls for the entire project to be done during the 2015 construction season. The work will still be done in two phases-- phase one, Congres to Burleigh Streets; and phase two, Burleigh to Church Streets. Road construction work will begin in April, with completion in the Fall of 2015.

Doing the entire project in one year has resulted in efficiencies, overall cost savings, and has provided additonal time for the County to collaborate with others and apply for grants to enhance the project.

County Executive Chris Abele stated, “In the three-and-a-half years I’ve been in office, we’ve focused on improving our parks and infrastructure in Wauwatosa and across the County. One of the ways we’ve been able to do this is by partnering with others. As you’ll see below, the reconstruction of the Menomonee River Parkway is a successful example of what can be done when we collaborate and work together."


Construction Phasing
Phase One: Congress to Burleigh, Approximately 2 miles
Phase Two: Burleigh to Church, Approximately 2.5 miles


Anticipated Schedule

Anticipated Project Schedule

Project Wins MMSD Grant for Additional Green Infrastructure

Best Management Practices for Rainwater Runoff

A $227,000 grant from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District has been awarded to Milwaukee County Parks through the MMSD Green Infrastructure Partnership Program.  The program goal is to improve storm water runoff quality as part of the parkway renewal project.  The grant will allow the County to double the amount of green infrastructure components planned for the parkway, diverting and filtering storm water into bio-filtration basins with native plants, and grass lined bio-swales before it enters the Menomonee River.

Phase One of the Menomonee River Parkway Renewal Project now includes . . .

16 rain gardens
• 4 bio-filtration basins
• 51 new storm water trees
• 3,400 linear feet of roadway runoff filtration
• 80% pollutant reduction
• Anticipated $300,000 investment in green infrastructure


Traffic Calming Features

Plan Includes Traffic-Calming Components, Multi-Use Path

In public planning meetings the community desire to calm traffic, improve safety, and provide pedestrian and bicycle access throughout the parkway came through loud and clear.   The plans for the parkway renewal incorporate components that do just that.  Extended Terraces and clearly marked raised pedestrian crossings will be installed at four locations along the parkway including Park Ridge Avenue, Keefe Avenue, Concordia Avenue, and Auer Street.  The extended terraces narrow the parkway, slow traffic, and create safer pedestrian crossing points.  A ten foot wide multi-use path will be built from Mayfair Road to Swan Boulevard.  The path will be shared by pedestrians and bicycles.


Budget Approved, Contractor Selected

A total of $7 million has been approved in two consecutive County budgets for the Menomonee River Parkway Reconstruction project.  

In the Fall of 2014, the City of Wauwatosa made improvements to City utilities in preparation for the construction project and Milwaukee County did some temporary paving repairs to maintain the roadway over the winter.  The project was advertised for bids and the County selected Stark Asphalt as the prime contractor for the parkway reconstruction work. Other members of the Stark team include Sirrah Construction who will handle all the underground work;  Simon Landscape who will be responsible for special soils and plantings for the rain gardens, bio-filtration basins, trees, and landscaping  restoration;  and Century who will be doing all pavement marking.  Work will begin as soon as weather allows in early Spring 2015.


What’s Next?

Newsletter: Update March 17, 2015

Property owners will be notified of construction and plan updates. News updates like the link above will be provided electronically as needed to keep stakeholders informed of progress.  The cities of Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, neighborhood associations, impacted organizations and individuals and media that are already on our email list will receive updates and be asked to share the information with their networks.  We aim to provide stakeholders with project information in the most timely and cost effective means possible.  



Questions may be directed to Sarah Toomsen at (414) 257-7389 or through the Contact Form 

Final Phase I (North Half) Project Plan Set
Plans will also be on display at the Milwaukee County Parks offices located at 9480 West Watertown Plank Road (access off Discovery Parkway).    


Watch this page for additional updates.


Menomonee River Parkway Renewal Project Documents

Final Phase I (North Half) Project Plan Set

Project Archive
Project Update, Oct. 15, 2014
    Project Update from County Executive Chris Abele

Public Information Meeting #2, Feb. 12, 2014, Review of Design Concepts
    PowerPoint Presentation (as pdf)

Public Information Meeting #1, Nov. 20, 2013
    Context Map (PDF)
    Public Information Meeting #1 Handout
   Map #1: Congress Street to Burleigh Street
   Map #2: Burleigh Street to North Avenue
   Map #3: North Avenue to Church Street
   Exhibit #1: Traffic Calming Tools
   Exhibit #2: Stormwater Tools
   Exhibit #3: Stormwater Tools
   Exhibit #4: Bicycle Improvement Tools
   Exhibit #5: Pedestrian & Planting Improvement Tools






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