Mental Health Redesign SMART Goals: 2013 - 2014  (rev. 3/7/13)


      Goal 1 Improve consumer satisfaction and recovery outcomes. 
      Goal 2 Promote stigma reduction in Milwaukee County. 
      Goal 3 Improve the quality of the mental health workforce.
      Goal 4 Expand the network of Certified Peer Specialists.
      Goal 5 Improve the coordination and flexibility of public and private mental health funding.
      Goal 6 Establish a mechanism to publicly chart system quality indicators that reflect progress on SMART Goals.
      Goal 7 Develop a structure for ongoing system improvement and oversight of the mental health redesign process.
      Goal 8 Improve crisis access and response to reduce Emergency Detentions.
      Goal 9 Improve the flexible availability and continuity of community-based supports.
      Goal 10 Improve the success of community transitions after psychiatric hospital admission.
      Goal 11 Improve the economic security of persons with mental illness by increasing utilization of benefits.
      Goal 12 Increase the number of individuals with mental illness who are engaged in vocational-related activities.
      Goal 13 Improve access to and retention in recovery-oriented supportive housing.
      Goal 14 Improve criminal justice and mental health system collaboration.
      Goal 15 Reduce the number of acute hospital admissions by improving crisis interventions and diversions.
      Goal 16 Improve the level of cultural intelligence operating in all components of the behavioral health system.


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