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The County Clerk registers lobbyists and lobbying principals and reports to the County Board, County Executive, and public on lobbying activity. 




All persons paid to engage in the practice of attempting to influence legislative or administrative action through communication with any county official and all organizations that employ a lobbyist to influence county government must register with the County Clerk.  The purpose of registration is to let the citizens of Milwaukee County know who seeks to influence the actions of their county government and to provide county officials and the public with information regarding those who seek to influence the development of county policy.


In order to preserve the integrity of the policy making process, it is desirable to regulate and publicly disclose the identity, expenditures, and activities of persons who hire others or who are hired to influence actions of the legislative and executive branches of county government.  Therefore, principals and lobbyists are required to register and provide information to be maintained as a public record.


Lobbyist and Principal Registrations Reports

Lobbyist and principal registration information is available to the public in the Office of the County Clerk.  Please click on the links below to view updated, summarized reports:  


Lobbying Principals Expenditure Reports

Lobbying principals are required to file expense reports biannually with the County Clerk.  These reports identify the amount of expenditures by category and the activities of each lobbyist.  The reports are available to the public in the Office of the County Clerk.  Please click on the links below to view summarized reports:


Registration and Reporting Forms for Lobbyists and Lobbying Principals

The following forms are required to be submitted by lobbyists and lobbying principals.  Please click on the links below:


For filing deadlines, fees, expiration dates, and other information, please refer to the following website link:


For answers to commonly asked questions about lobbying, please refer to the Milwaukee County Ethics Board Lobbying Manual at the following link: 










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