Vacation Accrual



Milwaukee County employees earn vacation as follows:


 Vacation Time Accrued

Length of service

1 to 5 years 

2 weeks/80 hours

5 to 10 years

3 weeks/120 hours

10 to 15 years

4 weeks/160 hours

15 to 20 years 

5 weeks/200 hours

20+ years

6 weeks/240 hours



Vacation For New Hires

  • New hires or re-hires receive a pro-rated amount of vacation during their first year of employment, depending on their hire/re-hire date.

Vacation accrued during an employee’s first year of service is calculated as follows:

  • ​Number of full months remaining in the year divided by 12 months in a year times the annual vacation allotment.


If Hired with Milwaukee County on March 6th:

  • 9 (months remaining in the year) divided by 12 multiplied by 80 = 60 hours

  • The new hire is eligible for 60 hours of paid vacation to be taken between March and December 31 of the first year of employment.

  • Employees receive their full vacation allotment on January 1st of the year following their date of hire.



Pro-rated Vacation

  • Employees who are regularly scheduled to work less than forty (40) hours per week or less than two thousand eighty (2, 080) hours per year, receive vacation benefits on a pro-rated basis

Vacation At Termination

  • When employment with the County ends, if an employee has not taken all of the earned vacation time, the employee will be paid any earned but unused vacation hours as long as the employee has worked at least two thousand eighty (2,080) hours since the hire/rehire date.

Vacation Carryover

  • Employees can carryover up to 56 hours of vacation per year

  • Based on work necessity, management may require that an employee use all vacation

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