Sick Time Accrued

  Sick Time Accrued






Sick Time Accrual


Milwaukee County employees earn sick time hours which may be used for employee illness and other approved time away from work:

  • Sick allowance for full-time employees is earned at a rate of 3.7 hours per pay period, or 12 days per year. An employee working 20 hours per week would accrue sick time at 1.9 hours per pay period.

New employees can begin using paid sick time after six (6) months:

  • Accruing sick leave does not change an employee’s responsibility to adhere to attendance policies.

  • Please refer to the Employee Handbook and any departmental policies for details regarding call-in procedures or other requirements.

Employees can accumulate up to 960 hours of sick time:

  • An employee who leaves Milwaukee County service for any reason other than retirement loses any accrued sick allowance hours.

Employees in a public safety union may have different sick allowance provisions, so those employees should consult their labor contracts. 


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