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Diversity Committee


For more information:

Contact Ted Fancher, Human Resources






The Milwaukee County Diversity Committee is always welcoming new members



 Who is the Milwaukee County Diversity Committee?

  • The mission of the Milwaukee County Diversity Committee is to strive to honor inclusiveness, advocating for education, awareness, acceptance, and outreach in the workplace and community.

  • Our team is made up of sub-committees with members from various Milwaukee County Departments


 These departments Include:

  • Aging, Child Support Services, Office of the Comptroller, Corporation Counsel, County Clerk, County Treasurer, Court Services, District Attorney, Facilities, Family Care, Fleet Management, Human Resources, Medical Examiner, Parks and Recreation, Personnel Review Board, Sheriff, and Zoo.




Contact Ted Fancher, Human Resources, for more information.



 The goals of the Milwaukee County Diversity Committee are to:

  • To effectively communicate the works of the Diversity Committee.

  • Promote initiatives that enhance the quality of life for the community by celebrating diversity through community outreach.

  • Provide leadership; promote equality and acceptance for all differences through education.

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