Hot Weather Health Tips

Heat Related Concerns for Older Adults and Individuals with Disabilities

Summer in our area is full of surprises. One thing we can usually count on is a hot spell at least once during the season.  You can prepare for heat emergencies by staying aware of weather warnings.

One or two days of extreme heat are usually are not a problem, but when the weather stays hot for more than two or three days, the effects can be devastating on the elderly, the very young, and the disabled.

People in these groups have less ability to retain water and are at risk for serious problems caused by overheating and dehydration.  Many medications (even over the counter drugs) can have the same effects.



Milwaukee County and the City of Milwaukee Heath Department's emergency management team work together to ensure the safety of our population.  In weather conditions at the Heat Advisory Alert level or higher, designated cooling centers may be opened for extended hours. 

If there is no declared emergency, you can still stay cool at a variety of locations during their regular business hours.



Click on the links below for information on cooling site locations for seniors

Senior Center Cooling Sites (open extended hours for heat advisory or emergency)

Full listing of all Cooling Center Locations in Milwaukee County


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