Additional Energy Assistance Services

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Qualifying for Energy Assistance gives you access to other benefits too!


Furnace/Heating System Repair or Replacement

WHEAP emergency heating system assistance can provide services to eligible owner occupied dwellings if the furnace or boiler stops operating during the heating season. Heating system assistance includes payment for repairs, or in some situations your residence may qualify for a total replacement of a non-operating furnace or boiler.

You can contact 2-1-1 for a referral day or night.


Crisis Benefits

A household may be eligible for crisis assistance if you have no heat, have received a disconnect notice, or are nearly out of fuel and do not have the money to purchase more.

Crisis Benefits are an additional service provided to some energy assistance recipients that need extra help staying current with their energy costs. Benefits are based on the needs and resources of your household, your payment history and the availability for funds. Guidelines are set by Milwaukee. You may not file a fair hearing about Crisis Benefits.


Assistance with a Disconnection Notice

Utility companies require you make regular monthly payments. Even if you make all 12 payments each year, you may receive a disconnection notice if you do not pay your bill in full every month. 

Crisis Assistance may be available if you receive a disconnection notice or have had your gas and/or electric service disconnected. Crisis Assistance does not pay all of the cost to reconnect your service or avoid a disconnection. You will still need to pay a portion of the fee. Crisis Assistance is considered an “Emergency” service and is not available to everyone every year. Eligibility is based on several things including:
•    How many times you’ve received Crisis Assistance.
•    How many payments you’ve made to the utility company
•    How much you have paid to the utility company.


5 Important Facts from We Energies that Can Help you Avoid Disconnection

  • FACT 1: Always open and check your bill every month. Check:
    • The due date
    • The amount due
    • Monthly messages (located at the bottom of your bill)
  • FACT 2: To lower cost of your monthly payment plan, monitor and reduce your monthly gas and electricity usage. Payment plans are based on usage.
  • FACT 3: If you get behind or miss a payment, don’t wait until you receive a disconnection to contact We Energies.
  • FACT 4: To avoid disconnection, you MUST have agreed upon arrangements with We Energies. The MPO (Minimum Payment Option) does not stop your disconnection.  
  • FACT 5: Make a payment every month! Don’t stop making payments during the winter months.


Oil, Propane and other Bulk Fuel 

Bulk fuel providers require a minimum order to provide a delivery. Crisis Assistance may be able to help you meet the minimum

Weatherization Program

Weatherization agencies can assess your home for work that easily reduce your energy use, and might even save you money. The goal of the weatherization program is to save energy by targeting households with an excessive energy burden and that are made up of elderly, handicapped and/or children under 6 years of age. 


Local weatherization agencies will contact the highest priority households to evaluate the home and decide what weatherization services are needed. Weatherization services differ with each home depending on how it was built and its condition. Some common weatherization services include:

•    Insulate attics, walls and floors, or water heater
•    Install energy efficient lighting
•    Reduce air leakage 
•    Replacement of water heater, furnace or refrigerator
•    Perform a general health and safety inspection 
•    Provide information about maintenance and energy conservation


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