HR Directory

Listed below is the current telephone and Internet e-mail directory for Human Resources, Benefits, & Retirement (ERS) 


Work Phone Department Last Name First Name E-mail
414-278-4337 Human Resources Adkins Andrea
414-278-2087 Retirement Aikin Vivian
414-278-2082 Retirement Alexander Diane
414-278-4156 HR Compensation Director Michael Blickhahn
414-257-7485 HR-BHD Bosque-Venture Kendra
414-278-5232 Human Resources Braatz Lynda
414-257-4785 HR-Parks Brown Lori
414-278-4188 HR-Compensation Budziszek Jim
414-278-4962 Employee Relations Buechel Mary Beth
414-278-5003 Human Resources Ceschin Rick
414-278-4142 Retirement Diaz Theresa

414-278-2085 Retirement Dobratz Kristy
414-278-4102 Human Resources Dorsey Lillie
414-278-4771 HR-Sheriff Dutkiewicz Mary
414-278-2070 Human Resources Estrada-Gonzalez Linz
414-278-4568 Human Resources Fancher Ted
414-257-7489 HR-DHHS Director Interim Flasch Thea
414-278-4648 HR Compensation Garski Sally
414-278-4197 Benefits Giza Heather
 414-278-4056 Benefits Gruchalski  Marco
 414-278-4326 Benefits Hanchek Matthew
414-278-4189 Retirement Jackson Tracy
414-257-8073 HR-Parks Johnson-Boorse Paula
414-278-2008 Retirement Kubricky Peggy
414-278-4392 HR-Sheriff Manuel Colleen
414-278-4209 Retirement McCaskill Denise
414-278-4175 HR-Compensation McVey Oscar

414-256-5403 HR-Zoo Meaux Dave
414-278-4148 Human Resources Mitchell Kerry
414-278-4834 HR-TPW Moore Sean
414-278-4146 Retirement Moreno Abbey
414-278-4157 Benefits Nall Bruce
414-278-4661 HR-TPW Napoleon Niah
414-278-4966 Retirement Ninneman Marian
414-278-4153 Human Resources Nixon Angela
414-278-4354 HR-Courts Ottesen Brenda
414-278-5091 Emp. Rel. Director Padilla Luis
414-278-5127 Retirement Paszkowski Becky

414-256-4505 HR-Zoo Pospichal Sheila
414-257-7461 HR-DHHS Quesnell Monica
414-278-4161 HRIS/Comp Asst Sanders Breone
414-278-4159 Human Resources Santillan Maria
414-278-4938 Human Resources Schuenke Claire
414-257-7433 HR-BHD Sprewell Valerie
414-427-4753 HR-HOC Strapp-Pitts Vernice
414-278-5278 Human Resources Tate James A
414-278-2086 Retirement Velazquez Theresa
414-289-6271 HR-Aging/FamCare     Vacant as of 7/31/14
414-278-4761 Human Resouces Wozny Cassie


Other Numbers: 


278-4143 Front Desk 223-1379 DHR Fax Number
278-5365 TDD 223-1960 FMLA Fax Number
278-5026 Commission Room 278-4207 Retirement Reception Area
278-4149 Employee Verifications 223-1922 Mezzanine Training Area
223-1387 Employee Retirement Systems FAX 278-4198 Benefits Reception Area
800-472-4992 Employee Assistance Program 223-1921 Great-West Retirement Services  (Deferred  Comp)
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Milwaukee County is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer that is actively seeking qualified applicants for various positions throughout County government. Milwaukee County does not discriminate based on age, ancestry/national origin, arrest/conviction record, color, creed, disability, marital status, military membership, race, sex or sexual orientation.

If special accommodations are needed, please contact 414-278-4143.


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