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In 2018, the HOC's Graphics Shop will be charging for delivery costs on all orders placed that are over $175.  The charge is 5% and will capped at cost of $43.13.  Below is a chart with examples of some of the fees you will begin seeing on your invoices.  You can pick up your orders at the HOC, if you wish to avoid the fee.



  Cost of Order Delivery Fee Total Cost  
  $175 $8.75 $183.75  
  $350 $17.50 $367.50  
  $700 $35.00 $735.00  
All orders over $1,400 $43.13 $1,443.13  
Additional Examples $177 $8.85 $185.85  
  $2,000 $43.13 $2,043.13  

Additionally, All orders will be delivered to the courthouse mailroom once a week for distribution.


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