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K-9 Unit Mission Statement


It is the mission of the Milwaukee County House of Correction K-9 Unit to provide institutional security by responding to critical incidents and detecting illegal narcotics and contraband through the use of professionally trained and highly motivated K-9 teams.


The K-9 Unit provides mutual aid to other correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Wisconsin, as well as promotes positive community relations through public education and interaction.




K9 Supervisor Lieutenant J. Laird



Lieutenant Laird has been with the House of Correction since 2005, is a former handler, and is one of two K9 Instructors at the House of Correction. Lieutenant Laird is the K9 Unit Supervisor and a member of the HOC Honor Guard. Lieutenant Laird oversees the daily operation of the K9 Unit, provides mutual aid to other agencies, and promotes positive community relations by educating the public about K9s in law enforcement.


 K9 Ryot



             3 months                                                 3 months                                                                5 months                                                8 months


K9 Ryot was adopted from White Paws German Shepherd Rescue at 13 weeks old. Ryot has incredible drive and will be trained in obedience, scent work, and criminal apprehension. When not in training K9 Ryot loves to play tug with his rope, chase his ball, and socialize with other people and dogs.




Officer J. Pawlak and K9 Usher



   Officer Pawlak began working with the K9 program in August of 1998. K9 Usher and Officer Pawlak became partners in April of 2013. He is a dual purpose K9 trained in obedience, tracking, narcotics, criminal apprehension, and building and area searches and receives all of his commands in German. When not working, Usher is a fun loving dog who enjoys spending time with his family and interacting with the public/community at K9 demonstrations.





Officer M. Smith and K9 Unos



Officer Smith has been a K9 handler since 2005 and with the House of Correction since 1997. He is one of two certified K9 Instructors at the House of Correction. Unos was one of the youngest certified K9s in Wisconsin when he certified at the age of 18 months. He is a dual purpose, high drive K9 proficient in narcotics detection and patrol work. During his time off, Unos loves playing with his frisbee and just being a dog.




Officer R. Kuhl and K9 Bear



Officer Kuhl has been with the House of Correction since 2013. She has been training with her K9 partner Bear, since October of 2014. Bear is the first House of Correction K9 to be certified through the North American Police Work Dog Association. Bear is trained in narcotics, building searches, area searches, tracking, and patrol work...and is also learning how to find cell phones! Bear loves going to work and is great at learning new things.



Officer M. McCardell and K9 Arkon



Officer McCardell started at the House of Correction in 2011. K9 Arkon has served the Milwaukee County House of Correction since July 2013. Arkon is a dual purpose German Shepherd trained in narcotics detection, apprehension, and tracking. He has a relentless sense of loyalty that goes unmatched.



Officer C. Schattschneider and K9 Phoenix



Officer Schattschneider started at the Milwaukee County House of Correction in 1998 and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.  Officer Schattschneider’s passion for working with K9s is shown by K9 Phoenix’s incredible obedience and drive. Phoenix has been on the force since April 2014 and is trained in patrol work, narcotics detection, and guns and ammunition detection. He is very social with children and the public.



Officer J. Ulrich and K9 Shadow



Officer Ulrich began his career in corrections in January 2007 with the WI Dept. of Corrections and joined the Milwaukee County House of Correction in 2014. Shadow is a dual purpose K9 trained in narcotics, apprehension, tracking, area searches, building searches, and handler protection. When not working, Shadow loves playing with toys, barking at passing motorcycles, and playing with kids or watching them play.


Officer J. Froggatt and K9 Bruno



Officer Froggatt started at the Milwaukee County House of Correction in 1999. K9 Bruno and Officer Froggatt became partners in March of 2014. Bruno is a dual purpose K9 with a high drive for finding narcotics and is learning to detect cell phones. Bruno receives all of his commands in German. In his down time, Bruno likes to play with his Black Lab sister Sophie, swim in the river, and chase birds.




Officer Z. Lile and K9 Vader



Officer Lile began working at the House of Correction in 2012. Officer Lile and K9 Vader became partners in May of 2015. Vader is a purebred German Shepherd and is all black, except for between his toes. He loves patrol work, especially crowd control. Vader is currently learning how to detect cell phones.  At home, Vader loves to fetch sticks and chase his little brother Luke, a yellow lab around the yard.


Officer M. Rivera and K9 Huck



Officer Rivera started at the House of Correction in 2013. K9 Huck is a Yellow Labrador Retriever. Huck is a single purpose K9 (meaning he is used for detection only, not apprehension) trained in narcotics and tracking. He is trained to find cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamines. Huck's main purpose at the HOC is to search inmates for contraband.


Officer S. Hill and K9 Hawk



Officer Hill began her career at the House of Correction in 2015 and passed her six week K9 certification in January 2017. K9 Hawk is a dual purpose German Shepherd who is trained in narcotics detection, tracking, criminal apprehension, and crowd control. He is also in the process of learning how to find articles and firearms. When he is not working or training, Hawk loves to play fetch with the chuck it launcher and play with his two furry brothers.


Officer R. Jimenez and K9 Turbo



Officer Jimenez began working at the House of Correction in February of 2015. She graduated her six week K9 certification in January of 2017. K9 Turbo has been working at the House Of Correction since January 2016. Turbo is trained to find illegal narcotics, apprehension, and missing persons. When he is not working, Turbo loves to run, play fetch, and eat Beggin' Strips.


Officer N. Halbur and K9 Zico


  Officer Halbur became an officer at the House of Correction in January 2016 and graduated from K9 certification in January 2017. K9 Zico is trained in criminal apprehension, tracking, and the detection of narcotics. K9 Zico responds to disturbances inside the jail, conducts narcotics searches, and performs public demonstrations. When off-duty Zico loves to just be a dog, play fetch, tug, go for walks, and go swimming in the summer.



Milwaukee County House of Correction K9s News and Events


August 26th, 2017:  Listen as Dr. Connie Hurley discusses her work with Turbo, a Milwaukee County House of Correction K9 officer, and Lt. Jason Laird discusses the training the K9 unit goes through and the amazing work they do on a daily basis.








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