K-9 Unit


K-9 Unit Team Members



Officer Pawlak and K-9 Usher



   Officer Pawlak began working with the K-9 program in 1998. K-9 Usher and Officer Pawlak became partners in April of 2013. At home, Usher is a fun loving dog and enjoys interacting with her family. Usher is a purebred, sable color, German Shepherd with hazel colored eyes. He is a dual purpose K-9 with a high drive for locating narcotics. He is good at tracking and is a fast learner.




Officer Laird and K-9 Hawk 



Officer Laird has been with the House of Correction since 2005 and is one of two K9 Instructors at the House of Correction. Officer Laird is the K9 Unit Team Leader and a member of the HOC Honor Guard. He started training with his K-9 partner Hawk on Oct. 21, 2013. Hawk has a high drive for narcotics and tracking. In our downtime, Hawk likes to play and interact with children.



 Officer Smith and K-9 Unos



Officer Smith has been a K9 handler since 2005 and with the House of Correction since 1997. He is one of two certified K9 Instructors at the House of Correction. K9 Unos is a dual purpose K9 proficient in narcotics detection and patrol work. During our off time he loves playing in the snow and just being a dog.



Officer Wyman and K-9 Conner


Officer Wyman received K-9 Conner on July 8, 2013. Conner is from a town named Rodenbach in Germany, his coat is sable with hazel eyes. On his down time from work he loves to play with the other dog at home and play with his toys. Conner is a dual purpose dog, he is good at tracking and crowd control.


Officer Kuhl and K-9 Bear




Officer McCardell and K-9 Arkon



Officer Schattschneider and K-9 Phoenix



Officer Ulrich and K-9 Shadow



Officer Froggatt and K-9 Bruno



Officer Gainer and K-9 Poseidon



Officer Lile and K-9 Vader



Officer Rivera








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