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Mission Statement:
The Milwaukee County House of Correction is committed to operating a post-conviction inmate Electronic Monitoring Program, which will provide a cost effective alternative to incarceration, while also ensuring public safety is paramount. This will be achieved by utilizing an objective, evidence-based screening criterion to determine eligibility for any county jail inmate sentenced to serve custody time in Milwaukee County and strict adherence to the Electronic Monitoring Program’s policies and procedures as set forth here in.


What is the Huber Program?


  • The Huber program is the work release system that is run by the Milwaukee County House of Correction.
  • A sentenced inmate who, by the order of the court, has been granted privileges to be temporarily released for work, child care or for other reasons ordered by the court.
  • The Huber work release program is a privilege not a right.


What is Electronic Monitoring?


  • A judicially referred technical support system, which monitors an offender’s adherence to a mandated schedule for work or home confinement and provides community supervision. This program includes the Global Positioning System (GPS), and Secure Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM).
  • Global Positioning System (GPS): A one-piece transmitter worn by the offender to detect the presence or the absence of an offender in their residence and within the community by tracking their movement. The GPS can record the offender’s movement in real time as well.
  • Secure Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Device (SCRAM): A transdermal alcohol detection bracelet, worn by the offender, which detects alcohol through the offender’s skin.





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