The Milwaukee County House Of Correction offers a variety of programs that are available to all inmates. HOC remains dedicated to quality programs with an emphasis on education and treatment. These programs can have a positive impact on an individual’s rehabilitation as well as their physical and mental well-being. 

Franklin Alternative /MATC: we work with the educational department to ensure the minors in our facility continue their education while incarcerated.  Inmates of all ages are encouraged to get their HSGED or GED while they are housed in our facility.  We also give the HSGED & GED exam and TABE test the potential students. 


Right Path:  Inmates are allowed to go to MATC to complete their high school diploma.  This program aims to help and encourage inmates between the ages of 18-25 to complete and achieve their GED/HSED.  Participants must have court ordered Huber privileges.


Youth Build:  A program designed to help those desiring to learn a trade.  While doing this program they will earn certificates, leadership skills, receive job search and employment assistance.  The inmates are transported to MATC by the HOC.  They will receive a monthly stipend of up to $200 a month.  Ages of participants must be between 18-24 years old, and No GED/HSED (If you possess a GED/HSED, you must skill deficient).


Preparation for Success is a program designed to motivate and prepare individuals to becoming self-sufficient, motivated, and productive working citizens.   


Preparation for Success is designed to promote;

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Improve communication skills

  • Emphasize accountability and overcoming personal barriers

  • Guidance with obtaining and retaining employment.


Areas of focus: Employer expectations, Ethics in the work place, working as a Team, Leadership skills, Owning your past mistakes, Cover letter and Resume building. 


This program aims to reduce recidivism, improve job placement and retention, and connect hard-to-employ individuals.  Helping inmates gain employment can reduce the staggering costs to taxpayers.  This will also be beneficial to inmates who are granted Huber by the courts, and are sitting dormant in housing units due to being unemployed. 

Preparation for Success has collaborated with Opportunities Inc. an employment agency that works with individuals with criminal backgrounds.  Our partnership with Opportunities Inc. we currently have over 35 inmates working for this company. 


Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board, Inc., (MAWIB) and HOC Collaboration HOC Inmate Job Center:

In June of 2015, in collaboration with HOC, MAWIB received a Department of Labor grant to establish a job center within the HOC and reentry job program for inmates in and those recently released from custody.

 Job CenterJOb Center 2

Park Crews & Road Crews: The HOC provides work programs that help to develop and teach the inmates skills to help them become gainfully employed when released, the following programs are available. In addition we have work crews who provide cleaning services to the highway, parks, and summer festivals. In addition we have a variety of work crews who provide services to other areas of our institution.


Good time earning credit program:

In collaboration with the Chief Judge the HOC initiated a program that allows non-violent inmates the chance to reduce their sentence by cleaning up parks and highways across Milwaukee County. Additionally those working within the facility can earn hour for hour sentence credit.


Hour for Hour – Inside Inmate Work Crews – for every 24 hours worked a day is removed from the inmate’s imposed sentence/length of incarceration.

  • Laundry, Kitchen, Bakery, Graphics and recycling center.

Kitchen workers


Day for Day –Off Site/Grounds Inmate Work Crews – for every 8 hours worked a day is removed from the inmate’s imposed sentence/length of incarceration.

  • Clean out teams for foreclosed homes through economic development

  • Maintain landscape and snow removal for foreclosed properties and vacant lots owned by the County

  • Highway clean-up crew

  • Festival clean-up crews (i.e., Summerfest, State Fair, World Festivals, local festivals)

  • Assisting in numerous County Parks projects and cleanup activities

  • Assist UW-Extension with community garden upkeep and other special projects


Center for Self-Sufficiency: Educator Yvette Dotson facilitates the healthy relationship education. The focus is on establishing boundaries within one’s life, a healthy relationship course, resume’ building, job fairs, and community resources.  Inmates receive a certificate upon graduation. 


Crochet project: Hoc allows females to crochet baby blankets, hats, and gloves; along with large blankets that we donate to organizations in need. 

Religious Programs: We have over 60 volunteers who provide a variety of spiritual group activities during the week here at House of Correction.  Our Chaplains also provide spiritual group activities through the Lutheran Ministries and 1:1 counseling to our inmates each week.



Case management team: Armor medical services provides substance abuse group and individual treatments, which consists of Latonya Lowe and Liz Schwartz assist in re-entry from the correctional system by providing resources for shelter, health care enrolment, treatment, Cognitive Group sessions, and Anger Management.  AODA is directed by PSW Lillian Sardina. 


Fatherhood Initiative: Taught by Dell Williams and Dennis Walton focus is on becoming a better parent. Serving male inmates in a six week program focusing on cognitive thinking, parental roles with extended resources upon release. This group meets with male inmates Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (5:30pm -8:00pm hours).


33 SERIES: A 12 week Men’s bible study course. This class explores the basic foundations of authentic manhood and God’s clear design for men. Each man learned the four faces of manhood and how to anticipate and transition through the specific seasons of life.  Hoc was the first correctional facility in the state to host a livestream broadcast of the No regrets Men’s Ministry through Elm brook church.


Forklift training: CO Mark Ratzmann conducts a 2-day class training inmates how to operate a forklift with safety.  Inmates receive a 3-year certification, which they can take to any job site. 


IN2WORK: A culinary class-taking place every Friday in dining hall one.   This is a 12-week course and the inmates are given certificates upon graduation from the class.  Hours are from 9:30 am until 12:30 pm.


Benedict Center: A five-week certificate program. Nurturing parenting targets mothers with younger children, help in understanding their child’s development, help in communicating “their” feelings, and alternative ways to discipline children. 

Prisoner Reintegration Program(PRP): which benefits in the area of; enhanced release planning, help with alcohol and drug treatment, referrals for mental health treatment, referrals for employment programs and assistance, referrals for education services, and other needs.  Once the individual successfully completes PRP they move on to WCS Wiser Choice: Promotes healthy lifestyles, provides treatment and recovery services.


Recycling Program: This year the HOC is focusing on conserving energy along with collecting all recyclables.  All of the HOC recycling is done by our inmates separating what is recyclable and what is not. This year the HOC repurposed/recycled material stored at Community Correctional Center (CCC), 440th, City campus and the Safety Building. E-cycling was enhanced to receive all electronics throughout Milwaukee County Government agencies.  Pick-up/retrieval notifications can be arranged through e-mailing.

Recyclable materials-Pallets, Metals, Paper, Furniture, plastics and E-cycling

Zero landfill initiative is under way. All housing unit refuse will be sorted into recycling categories. Food waste will soon be diverted to composting sites.


The Vermiculture Project: In May of 2015 the HOC established a Vermiculture operation or worm farm at the HOC.  The operation will provide worm casings (organic fertilizer) for government and not-for-profit entities (i.e., the County Parks, Hunger Task Force Farm, and local garden groups/organizations) and worms to feed reptiles and the Milwaukee County Zoo.  The operation or program will also provide job training skills, teach/demonstrate entrepreneurial lessons and provide inmates another opportunity to give back to the community and make productive use of their time during confinement.  Located in the FML building K2 housing unit. 


Inmate Lending Library:

  • Over 3,000 books are in stock

    Inmate Law Library: The library currently operates twice per week on Mondays and Fridays.  Inmates submit request slips to notify staff of the need to use the library.

HOC Library


Financial Peace: Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, a nine-week course that provides families and individuals with practical tools to gain control of their finances, will begin at 2:30 p.m. on Friday Help and assist those desiring help with their finances. 


Boys and Girls Club: We have recently partnered on a grant funded program through the Boys and Girls Club for Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP).


Literature with Love: gives inmates the opportunity to communicate with their children through reading. Literature with Love not only allows this kind of communication but it also gives inmates the opportunity to show their children the importance of reading.  Inmates are videotaped reading the books that they chose to their children.  After the recording is complete, the books and a recorded DVD of the reading are sent to the home of the inmates children.


Kingdom women: program allows our female inmates to communicate with other Christian women in hopes of being able to handle doing their time in a better manner.  The Kingdom Women program allows for very in depth discussions about life experiences and ways that Christian Women can handle them. Kingdom Women has three volunteers that meet with up to 21 women on every Monday evening for 6 weeks.



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