The Milwaukee County House Of Correction offers a variety of programs that are available to all inmates. HOC remains dedicated to quality programs with an emphasis on education and treatment. These programs can have a positive impact on an individual’s rehabilitation as well as their physical and mental well-being. 
Franklin Alternative Youth Program
Franklin Alternate Youth Program (FAYP) provides educational services for inmate’s 17-21years of age. Students may work toward high school credits or the GED/HSED. Two full-time instructors and four instructional assistants are assigned to the HOC. FAYP will resume classes in the fall.
Wisconsin Community Services (WCS)
This program targets ex-offenders in transition from various correctional environments (prison, jail, residential re-entry, probation and parole) to community and the world of work. It will be conducted at the HOC in eight sessions over two weeks.
Wisconsin Community Services (WCS)
This program targets ex-offenders in transition from various correctional environments (prison, jail, residential re-entry, and probation/parole) to community and the world of work. It will be conducted at the HOC in eight sessions over two weeks.
HOC currently provides a fulltime officer who conducts the test of adult basic education (TABE) and GED testing. Inmates sentenced to 60 days or more are tested to determine the appropriate level of programming. A referral is then made to the appropriate program. During the assessment, inmates report the highest academic degree obtained. WCS will also help with TABE testing.
Art classes offer the inmates the opportunity to express their creative talents. Two retired art teachers conduct two classes weekly to both the males and females. 
Word of Hope Ministries the reintegration of Ex-Offenders Adult Generation 5 project is focused on serving ex-offenders at least 18 years of age, who are returning from incarceration to Milwaukee’s high-poverty, high-crime neighborhoods with limited skills. The project will consist of 5 major program components. The project goal is to help ex-offenders gain needed supports, become employed, and reduce the likelihood of recidivism.
Work Crews
The HOC provides work programs that help to develop and teach the inmates skills to help them become gainfully employed when released, the following programs are available. In addition we have work crews who provide cleaning services to the highway, parks, and summer festivals. In addition we have a variety of work crews who provide services to other areas of our institution.
Print Shop
Lawn care
Fork Lifting We have an officer who conducts a two-day class training inmates how to operate a forklift with safety. Inmates receive a three-year certification, which they can take to any job site.
conducted by My Father’s House- Serving male inmates in a six week program focusing on cognitive thinking, parental roles with extended resources upon release.
 Scholarship program is designed for inmates to donate money for children who have parents who are in custody
Recycling Program This year we are focusing on conserving energy along with collecting all recyclables all housing units along with the entire institution will have recycle bins.
Crochet program designed for female inmates to make blankets for children who are at Children’s Hospital. The House of Correction has donated several blankets to the homeless and children in need of blankets.  
Religious Programs
~        Chaplains provide spiritual group activities through the Lutheran Ministries to approximately 60 inmates each week.
~        The Chaplains provide 1:1 counseling to approximately 50 inmates each week.

Approximately 1200 inmates are served each week through activities offered by volunteers.




Spiritual wellness check program was introduced to our discipline area. This program was designed to give spiritual guidance to our inmates that are in need of spiritual assistance.
Solace Program a program for females who have overcome human trafficking came in the facility to give testimony to other female inmates who may have gone through human trafficking or who are going through it currently and want a way out. In Milwaukee human trafficking has become a huge epidemic and volunteers come in wanting to help these young girls get out. Basically letting inmates know “you can get out and I can help you.” 
Center for self sufficiency, which is a three-week program title “Within my Reach.”   The focus is on establishing boundaries within one’s life, a healthy relationship course, resume’ building, job fairs, and community resources. Inmates receive a certificate upon graduation. 
Nurturing parenting targets mothers with younger children, help in understanding their child’s development, help in communicating “their” feelings, and alternative ways to discipline children. After completion of this program with is three weeks long, inmates receive a certificate and a free distribution of “Sesame Street: Little Children BIG challenges: incarceration” kit. We either put the gift in their property or mail it to their children on their behalf as a gift for seeking to be a better parent.
Case management team which consists of Lauren Todd and Liz Schwartz assist in re-entry from the correctional system by providing resources for shelter, treatment (both AODA and Mental Health).
 IN2WORK, (Aarmark) is a program with training that at completion will provide a certificate and potentially a chance for employment.



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