Foreclosures (No Tax Sales)

The Milwaukee County Treasurer uses the "in rem" foreclosure process to collect delinquent taxes on properties where the owner is behind in payments at least 2 years. The process is straightfoward and details can be found in Chapter 75 Wisconsin Statutes. Each year the County Treasurer sends out collection notices. By the time foreclosure is being considered, the property owner has received numerous notices of delinquent taxes. Certified letters are sent to all parties with an interest in a property that is picked for foreclosure (this includes the owner, any lenders or other entities that have a recorded lien on the property) notifying them of the imminent foreclosure and what steps may be taken to avoid it. A redemption deadline is set not less than 8 weeks from the date of the first publication in the Daily Reporter newspaper.


Click on the following link to access the list of properties facing foreclosure in 2017.


List of 2017 Foreclosures

The Treasurer works with taxpayers to make arrangements to pay their delinquent taxes and avoid foreclosure. The Court appoints an independent attorney who acts as Guardian ad Litem to check with the owners of tax delinquent property on the foreclosure list to see if any of the owners are under age 18 or are legally incompetent. This lengthy process was established by law to help the owner retain her/his rights in the property.

The Treasurer helps homeowners by identifying programs to assist them in paying their taxes and solving other financial problems. United Way is the major funder of some of these services, which involve financial counseling and explanation of financial options. When all attempts to keep the owners in their home or business property fail, the property title is taken by Milwaukee County in a default action in court.

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