Family Court Commissioner


Family Court Commissioner Office

Sandra K. Grady

901 North 9th St., Room 707
Milwaukee, WI  53233



The Family Court Commissioner (FCC) is part of the Milwaukee County Circuit Court Family Division. This unit consists of 10 judicial officers including a commissioner, deputy commissioner, and eight (8) assistant commissioners. Additionally, the office employees a support staff of approximately 13 people. The commissioner also functions as the administrative coordinator of the Family Division.


The Office of the Family Court Commissioner (FCC) will provide Milwaukee County residents and the court system with high-quality family court services as prescribed by state statute. Staff members will perform their duties in a prompt and courteous fashion. The FCC office shall provide judicial officer hearings and issue orders in divorce cases, paternity cases and civil domestic abuse cases. Further, it will provide supplementary clerical and support services to aid in implementing those orders, provide information services to the parties and to the general public, and to aid in providing alternate dispute resolution programs for parties and their minor children. The FCC office shall provide accurate procedural information and efficient order processing so that the Family Division of the Circuit Courts is responsive, available and helpful to people needing its services. 


Family Court Commissioner Hotline

Phone: 414-278-4400

Fax:    414-223-1884



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