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  F.A.Q. Expressway


1. What do I do if I'm involved in an accident on the freeway?

If you are involved in a traffic accident call 9-1-1. If it is safe to do so, move the vehicles out of traffic or to a crash investigation site if there is one close by. If you can not move your vehicle, remain inside of it, if it is safe to do so. Do not walk around your vehicle assessing damage. It is very dangerous to walk on the freeway proper.

2. How do I get a copy of the accident report, and how long will it take?

Generally, you can receive a copy of your accident report after 5 days, however there may be occasion when this time increases. You can obtain a copy of your accident report by calling 278-4712. You will have to provide the name of one of the drivers involved. There is a cost of $4.00 if in person at the traffic window, or $4.30 if the report is mailed to you. You must send along a self-addressed stamped envelope. Payment should be made to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, 821 W. State Street Rm. 102, Milwaukee, WI 53233. Payment by mail should be in the form of a check.

3. How long can I leave my vehicle on the freeway if it breaks down?

If your vehicle is left unattended on the freeway in the lanes of traffic, or on the high rise bridge, a MCSO deputy will have it towed immediately. If the vehicle is out of traffic in a safe location, you generally have up to two hours to remove your vehicle prior to a deputy having it towed. Of course, construction zones and bad weather may cause the vehicles to be towed immediately for safety reasons.

My Vehicle has been towed now what?

If the Sheriff's Office has towed your vehicle, listed below are the tow agencies contracted by Milwaukee County.  You must have proof of ownership and a licensed driver to claim your vehicle at the tow yard.

Road Patrol: 200 North 25th Street (414) 934-9400

N & S, Inc.:  1719 South 83rd Street (414) 476-8697

Ray's Towing:  833 West Waterford  (414) 481-1722

All Roads Towing: 2375 South 43rd Street (414) 672-9171

If you have a complaint regarding the towing contractor, please contact Facilities Management of Milwaukee County at (414) 278-4833.

4. What do I do if I receive a traffic citation?

If the citation you received requires a mandatory court appearance, you must appear at the designated place and time.  If the citation does not require a mandatory apearance, and you wish to PAY, you may do so by one of the following methods, before the court date.  You must include the citation or a photocopy of the citation with your payment.


Clerk of Circuit Court Cashier- 1st floor-Safety Building 821 West State Street Milwaukee, WI 53233 (414) 278-4599


Clerk of Circuit Court Cashier Window -821 W. State St, Room 117; Mon-Fri, 8:00am-5:00pm (checks, money orders or cash)


You may call 1-866-421-0994 (toll free) 24 hours per day.  Allow 24 hours for processing.

If you wish to appear to contest your citation, report to court on the date listed on your citation.  If the citation does not require a mandaory court appearance and you wish to request a different "initial appearance" court date, you must submit a  NOT GUILTY plea by mail to the Court Commissioner prior to the court date listed on your citation to:

Court Commissioner Room 221 - Safety Building 821 West State Street Milwaukee, WI 53233

The request must be received before the scheduled court date and must include: a copy of the citation, your return address, a statement that you wish to plead not guily.

If you plead not guilty by mail DO NOT appear on the court date listed on the citation.  You will receive notification of the next court date by mail.

Marquette Interchange Reconstruction Project

In April 2004, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation began preliminary work on the Marquette Interchange Reconstruction Project. The preliminary work will involve mainly preparing city streets in the area to handle the adjusted traffic routes that will come with the redesign of the interchange. The core of the project, which will be the reconstruction of the interchange itself, is scheduled to begin in the late spring of 2004 and is expected to last through 2007.

During the main project, plans have been made to keep two lanes open North bound, South bound, East bound and West bound straight through the interchange. At various time during the project it will be necessary to semi-permanently close the ramps from one highway to another (North to East, North to West, West to North, etc.). Some of these ramps will be closed for periods of up to two years.

While the reconstruction project is underway, freeway capacity will be reduced. As the project draws near it is suggested that commuters become familiar with alternate routes and give serious consideration to carpooling and using mass transit.

With the Marquette Interchange Reconstruction Project just around the corner, it's a good time to remind drivers to use extra caution in construction zones and keep your speeds down. Together we can help keep the workers safe and keep the number of citations (with double fines) down. Remember, even a minor accident in the construction zone can cause major problems and delays.

For more information on the Marquette Interchange Reconstruction Project and other transportation issues, visit the Wisconsin Department of Transportation web site at www.dot.state.wi.us


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