Explorer Post 890

MCSO Explorer Post 890

 What is the Explorer Program?

Exploring is an internationally recognized program that exposes young people to a variety of careers. Explorers, usually between the ages of 14-21, have an opportunity to learn about law enforcement, government, journalism, the medical fields and much more. Instructors are experts in their respective fields and most volunteer their time. Although the focus may vary from one unit to the next, the goal remains the same. The explorer program gives young participants hands-on training in a controlled environment. Instructors provide training while emphasizing the importance of personal responsibility, leadership and dedication to the community. Many Explorers receive college scholarships, obtain internships and nationally recognized training. The Explorer program is sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America. To learn more click on:learning-for-life.org

Spurgeon III Award

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office was nominated and awarded the prestigious William H. Spurgeon III Award for the year 2006.  The William H. Spurgeon III Award is the highest recognition for individuals and organizations contributing significant leadership to the Exploring program.  Since 1999, the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office has proudly sponsored a Law Enforcement Explorer post that has been noted as one of the finest programs to assist young people showing an interest in law enforcement.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff Explorer Unit actively meets several times each month to provide realistic, yet controlled basic law enforcement training to young men and women between the ages of 14-21.  Additionally, the Explorer Unit partakes in numerous opportunities to assist with community events.  Our goal for the future is to continue to provide a fun, yet educational outreach program that can introduce the career field of criminal justice to interested young persons.

 Meet the MCSO Explorer Unit

Currently, the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Explorer Unit meets twice a month. At meetings, an explorer advisor teaches basic law enforcement principles, such as discussions about the rules of search and seizure. Once students master the concept in the classroom, they perform hands-on training. Explorers learn how to make traffic stops, process crime scene evidence and basic law enforcement tactics.

                     Explorer Robby Ellifson recruiting at Roosevelt Middle School


Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Deputies are actively involved in the community. As a result, Explorers will also participate in community events. Some of our Explorers participate in fireworks patrols, "Scouting at the Zoo", and "Trick or Treat" safety patrols. This introduces Explorers to the community partnership concept while highlighting the value of good community relations.

Explorer Competition

We don't mean to brag but we think MCSO Explorers are extremely talented and we have the awards to prove it! Competitions are held around the country and the explorers get to show what they've learned. The MCSO Explorer Unit has won numerous awards in local, state and national competitions. These competitions also give explorers an opportunity to meet other young people interested in law enforcement.

How Can I Join the MCSO Explorer Unit?

The MCSO Explorer Unit was established in 1999 and dozens of students successfully completed our program. In fact, many participants are now respected law enforcement officers. To join:

An applicant must be:

~ Between 14-21 years of age

                  ~ In high school or a high school graduate

  ~ Complete a background check

          ~ Have an interest in law enforcement

For more information about the MCSO Explorer program, please contact: Captain Paul Thompson at  paul.thompson@milwaukeecountywi.gov


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