Sanitary Sewer CMOM Program


Milwaukee County’s Sanitary Sewer CMOM program
What is the CMOM program for?
The general purpose of the CMOM program is to assist in reducing sanitary sewer overflows.
What does CMOM Stand for?
CMOM is an acronym for Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance Program.
How the CMOM Program came about:
When combined sewer overflows and sanitary sewer overflows occur, they present important concerns for public health and the environment. The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) has been working to reduce the amount of overflows that occur for decades. In 2002, MMSD was required to implement an ongoingCMOM Program as a part of a stipulation agreement with the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources. Part of MMSD’s CMOM plan is to open and maintain dialog with the 29 satellite municipalities in developing their own individual CMOM programs. Milwaukee County is one of those municipalities that are required to maintain a CMOM program.
Milwaukee County’s Sanitary Sewer System:
Milwaukee County is unique in that, unlike other municipalities, its sewers are spread out throughout the entire County. Milwaukee County has sanitary sewers in following locations:  County Parks, Airports, Transit facilities, County Grounds, Milwaukee County Zoo, and the County Correctional Facility South. In total, Milwaukee County has approximately 1,000 sanitary sewer manholes and 225,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer.
Milwaukee County’s CMOM program:
Milwaukee County started its CMOM program in 2007. It consists of a written plan directed at reducing sanitary sewer overflows through stated goals and objectives, and it also lists the strategies and tactics that will be employed to achieve the goals.  An important part of the CMOM is the Overflow Response Plan which lists the correct actions to take if a sanitary sewer overflow or SSO occurs.
Please click on the below links to access the various parts of Milwaukee County’s CMOM Program, including the Overflow Response Plan and our Annual CMOM Reports.
For any questions regarding Milwaukee County’s CMOM program please contact Mark Sifuentes with Architecture and Engineering at 414-278-5138

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