Lobbying Code - Chapter 14

»What are the guidelines regarding lobbying?

Purpose of Lobbying Regulation 
As a matter of public policy, citizens are encouraged to address county officials, either directly or through paid representatives, on the merits of government issues.  The regulation of lobbying by Milwaukee County is designed to let the citizens of the county know who seeks to influence the actions of their county government and for what reasons.


Lobbying regulation is further intended to provide county elected officials, department heads, county employees and the general public with information regarding those who seek to influence the development of county policy. 


In order to preserve and maintain the integrity of the lobbying process, the County Board has determined that it is desirable to regulate and publicly disclose the identity, expenditures, and activities of persons who hire others or who are hired to engage in efforts to influence actions of the legislative and executive branches of county government.


For lobbying forms and reporting information, visit the Milwaukee County Clerk’s website at http://www.county.milwaukee.gov/LobbyInformation22002.htm.


Click here to view a lobbying registration flyer.

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