Statement of Economic Interest

»What is a Statement of Economic Interest?
 Who must file?  

The Ethics Code (M.C.G.O. § 9.03) requires financial disclosure through the filing of a Statement of Economic Interests (SEI).  While the Ethics Code applies to all public officials and county employees, regardless of whether they are required to file an SEI, only the following are required to file:

  • All county elected and appointed officials

  • All candidates for elected county offices

  • All county employees whose duties and responsibilities, performed for or on behalf of the county or any board or commission thereof, include the awarding or execution of contracts for the purchase of supplies, services, materials and/or equipment, the construction of public works, and/or the sale or leasing of real estate

  • Other county employees if designated by the Ethics Board

  • Members of county boards and commissions if designated by the Ethics Board or the County Board of Supervisors


 Public Access to Statements of Economic Interest  

All Statements of Economic Interests are retained by the Ethics Board for six years from the date of receipt and are available for public inspection. To request a copy of a Statement of Economic Interests, you must fill out a Request to Examine form (available in the Ethics Board office) and submit it to the Ethics Board in person or by mail. All individuals requesting a copy in person must present a valid photo I.D. and all mail requests must be notarized. Photocopying costs must be paid before copies will be released. The Ethics Board is required by ordinance to report in writing to the individual who filed a Statement the identity of any person who seeks to copy or obtain information from a Statement (M.C.G.O. § 9.08(4) - (6)).



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